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  1. What i meant was that you pretty much have to be independently wealthy or sell your soul to the credit cards in order to afford them, hence the quotes.
  2. The important question(S) is "Does your technician know how much it costs you?" and "Did you move either pole or the employee"?
  3. Well, with this kind of thinking would you suggest for your own customers to pull their money together, go buy their own parts and negotiate a "wholesale deal" with you. Not "really" picking on your shop's name, but with "discount" in it, already probably happening Businesses like Identifix are relying on shops paying the full price for service, if everyone would do what you are suggesting, they would go out of business or would have to increase their prices to compensate for stealing. I am sure it is costing them extra right now to investigate the IP addresses etc. to prevent/deal with th
  4. Another point to be noted in the "Employee Handbook" - Your tools is your responsibility, that includes the purchase/trade or non-work related handling of which. Lunchtime is the perfect time for the "poor-man-truck" to stop by.
  5. I agree and suspect that this last part "*On top of that, what if the car lot they bought it from recommended they come see you to have the car worked on and serviced?" makes it the most difficult to tell them the "whole thing". Depending on your relationship with the selling "dealer" that recommends them your services. I'd talk tot hem and see if they are willing to recommend your prepurchase inspection to prospective buyers. I'd also recommend hanging a sign i the shop "We DO a (put down whatever # point) prepurchase and presale inspections, please tell your neighbor" or come up with s
  6. I have read/heard, whatever somewhere, don't quote me on that That, if at least two of your customers don't tell you that you are too expensive or charging too much, it means you are not at your "optimal" hourly rate. So think of it as a compliment from them. Now, if those two customers are the only ones you got in for that week, that's a problem, isn't it? As far as "price sensitive" (lmao not at them, but with them at myself) customers and responses to their complaints, i usually ask what they do for living and if they wouldn't mind doing the same job for about half the salary. This usu
  7. I thought I have seeing this topic recently, here it is from the forum search; http://www.autoshopowner.com/topic/9137-employee-handbook/?hl=handbook
  8. I second and third the above There is so many things to be taken into consideration, close to impossible to recommend... I'd say, ask yourself why did he offer it to you. Who will benefit the most from the "transition"? I recommend getting your C1 ASE first, shadow the writer for couple of hours a week (2-3 weeks), so it does not negatively affect your earning ability. Then start saving and stashing the money away. That way if you make any kind of move, you fell safer, bolder and more confident at whatever you end up doing.
  9. Write something you'd write on Facebook. Something you care about. What the latest and greatest BMW snafu, what makes maintaining one car more important than the rest of them. Have something funny or quirky about your area where you are at or about your shop. Make it as personable as possible so people who read it can relate. Include the latest special, so they know to look for it in the latest publication. Most important put it on your schedule to create one every whatever the period you want it to go out and 2 weeks in advance of the actual date so you don't have to drop everything and star
  10. I actually really liked it too & whatever Wes said. If your URL belongs to you not the Kukui, i'd load your pictures using Picasa service. this way (only guess on my part) Google may like your pages better than otherwise. also if you have regularly issues newsletter, leave a spot on the page(es) for the customer to be able to sign up for it..
  11. Erosion of the middle class and not the technology that will have the biggest impact on our business imo. Look at all the people that postpone major safety repairs and decline maintenance on both their cars and homes. Is it because they don't know or see that it's a necessity, no, most likely it's because they are in debt up to their noses and have other bills to pay. Technology is moving faster and faster every minute, there is no stopping it. The only question, who is going to be able to afford the latest and greatest. I suspect that some of the cars by 2050 will be an absolute technolo
  12. You have few options here imo. But FYI - I am only a part time shrink jk. I didn't quite understand if you said that you can or can not loose him, assuming you can't at this moment. He is spending minimum half of his daytime hours with you, right? Try to influence what goes in, you will most likely influence what comes out. Silly as it may sound, but what radio or TV station is on during your working hours? If it's a talk radio, change it to whatever music you both can appreciate. Implement some kind of training procedure (i know you/him whatever, don't think he needs it) just to keep h
  13. 5 Star, Looks like you need a good integration software, unfortunately i have no suggestions.... Don't know why my second link ended in the oblivion, here is a copy that hopefully work; http://www.autoinc.org/archives/2013/july2013/mechanical.htm i'd also like to direct you to the ASO forum specifically dedicated to shop management software, maybe there you can find a post or posts that would help you choose what you need; http://www.autoshopowner.com/forum/37-management-software-web-sites-web/
  14. I don't use anything right now... Bu the one I used before was the AllData and it was not very smooth.
  15. I never called them to price it out, but from what I heard they are both outrageously expensive. I have posted regarding ADP before, but for a different reason. It seems you will be able to find a software (seems like they are sprouting like no tomorrow) that fits your shop and management style the best. Considering the fact that you are a detail shop and repair shop in one, AllData is probably not the best to handle both. Here is a couple of links. http://www.autoshopowner.com/topic/9098-dealership-experience/ http://www.autoinc.o.../mechanical.htm

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