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I am running a tire shop, but we also do some auto repairs. I hope to eventually do a lot of repairs, but right now we're only doing a few here and there.


My question is this- how do I get a scanner for my mechanic without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.


Our last mechanic had a $4000 scanner, and now we had to fire him for stealing money, so I am about to hire a new guy. I'm wondering how I can get this done without spending a ton of money. We are cash flow NEGATIVE right now, so I gotta get it done cheap.


I've seen stuff on the internet for $100, are these any good? What would you recommend?


thanks guys for the advice.

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      We're in the market for a new scanner and figured I'd ask fellow shop owners their ideas and experiences. I did search the board archives and didn't see much within the past year or so. 
      We are a general repair shop servicing most anything, according to customer attitude. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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      I am not an auto shop owner. Originally signed up on here because I was considering starting my own shop. With that being said, should a tech buy his own scantool? We have 3 techs using 1 Verus Edge. Sometimes it can be aggravating having to wait on the verus. I do have a scanner that will read codes and view data but no bidirectional. Can't decide if I'm trying to talk myself into or out of spending $2k on a scantool. Part of me thinks if I'm going to be a serious diagnostician, I should have my own. But then I think a tool that costs that much plus the yearly updates should be a shop tool
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      Well, one more scanner and tool, a DREW J2535 Scanner. This one sounds really good and not to expensive using manufacturers sites. Have any of you used it and how do you like it. It makes all the difference if people that use it, recommend it. Instead of sending the cars back to the dealer, we can reflash and fix. What are you charging for these procedures. Thanks to a great group. Nancy
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