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  1. Rick Nicewonger

    Bead blaster

    Bought an eBay cheapy. Hope it works.
  2. Rick Nicewonger

    Bead blaster

    Bead blaster/ bead seater, cheetah or bead bazooka? Not a sand blaster.
  3. Rick Nicewonger

    Bead blaster

    Looking for a bead blaster for problem tires, eBay as cheap as $50 up to $500 or more. Don't want to buy one and then not be able to seat the tire when needed. Are the $500 ones that much better? How about a bead bazooka?
  4. Rick Nicewonger

    Tire prices

    Yes just had customer ask if I could get ttires for his car, he showed me a Sams club flyer with $80 tires, buy 4 get $80 off with free mount/ balance. I looked up the tires, I can get them for $80 but not do buy 4 get $80 off and I can't mount/ balance free. My price is $150 more than Sams, just lost another customer.
  5. Rick Nicewonger

    Anyone have a repair plate ?

    Called r/t (repair, towing) tags here in PA. I have 2 dealer, 2 R/T and 1 MC tag, cost is around $2000 per year.