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  1. This looks like a very old post is someone looking for a scanner? I just went through all the research and purchased an Autel.
  2. Extracareman


  3. Thanks for the information everyone. After a lot of research we ended up getting the Autel Maxisys Elite, just got it today. I'll report back.
  4. Hello, We're in the market for a new scanner and figured I'd ask fellow shop owners their ideas and experiences. I did search the board archives and didn't see much within the past year or so. We are a general repair shop servicing most anything, according to customer attitude. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂
  5. I agree with Jay Huh, Wiper blades are very profitable on a percentage basis. As far as charging to install, no we don't but, that is only because we only sell the direct fit. The only two frustrations I've ever had with selling wiper blades are selling something other than ones that clip right on aka direct fit and more importantly the tech that hasn't broken a windshield yet, meaning he hasn't learned to put the arm down at all times unless he's installing the blade. I'm still trying to figure out if anyone has any long term experience installing these "Rainguard" blades. So, far they seem
  6. Cdhowell, Thanks, for the reply and that is certainly is an option. but, not what I'm trying to accomplish.
  7. Thanks for the replies , but, what I'm trying to do is add a "Canned Job" a "Package" to our system that all we'll need to do is click on the job to print it on the invoice automatically. Meaning I know I can do it manually, but, there just has to be a way to have it automatically come up as a canned job. Below for example, is a draft of our pre-purchase inspection. It is 725 characters too much to fit in a pre-packaged job. I've spent hours looking into this with Alldata and they seem bewildered. I'm assuming and hoping there are other Alldata users out here that can tell me how they do i
  8. Hi Twilight, Thanks for replyig to my post. Would you mind expanding on your comment?
  9. Hello Everybody, We use Alldata Managment system and I'm trying to build packages using "Custom Jobs" then "Job Description". The problem is that it limits you to 255 characters which isn't nearly enough for most any job.. For example, I'm trying to make a custom job for a pre-purchase inspection but, again there isn't enough room to list everything we'd inspect during a prepurchase inspection.. Can anybody familiar with Alldata give me any hints on what I can do? How do you do it? Thanks in Advance
  10. These Rainguard blades look good and they say "Engineered by Trico" they are exact fit, and sell for around $3-5.00. As we know you get what you pay for, so I'm questioning them. And yes, I also love good blades on my ride :-)
  11. I take good wiper blades as a pretty serious issue when dealing with our customer's cars and they are way overlooked !, besides we can make few bucks on an honest sale. The quality of what I'm selling though is as important as anything else. I'll get them and report back, for anyone who may be interested. No, I have no interest in Trico ! :-)
  12. Hello Everyone, Does anyone have any experience in installing Rainguard wiper blades and as to their quality? They say they are made by Trico, but that doesn't mean much if the quality isn't good. I'm thinking about getting a large stock of them. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Jay, If you're going to bend over backward's for a customer this sounds like the kind of customer to do it for. Don't you just love the customer that is so reasonable, you're willing to do anything for them? I don't mean that sarcastically at all. In this world were so many people to try to get something for nothing, it's just really nice to deal with really reasonable people. Next time though, don't be so fast to accept responsibility. Sleep on it and give yourself time to think. Most of the time, people are going to be pointing fingers at you deservedly or not anyhow and you point
  14. " Plus, one less leaky KIA on the road isn't necessarily a bad thing anyway" This was the first laugh I've had all day ...Thanks ....LMAO
  15. Jay My name is Mike. I own a shop in San Bruno , California. I do believe this is my first post /reply on here. I appreciate and agree with your ethics here, so, I had to say something to get you to look from the outside in. There certainly is the such thing as being too honest. Like has already been said, its probably too late. But, the only thing I've heard that your shop may be at fault is that you worked on it 6 days before. All the dash lights came on when the vehicle stalled out including the oil light ( of course) . Your customer said "oil light came on and the car shut o

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