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  1. The compression was not the problem...the worn cam lobe and lifter was. Still crazy
  2. Just thought I would share this. About 2 weeks ago we had a customer come in with the check engine light on. We pulled the code P0301, as I was writing up the work order he told me he had just come from the local dealership and they told him that they found 2 codes,P0301 and P0308, then told him that it would cost 375.00 to diagnose the cause of the misfire, he agreed, 2 days later they told the customer that he needed both heads replaced at a cost of 8400.00, (OUCH) the customer then asked me if we would give him a second opinion. We went through and checked the basics, all was good, compression 10psi low on #1, leak down test good, and thats when the head scratching started, keeping in mind that the truck only had 60,000 miles on it internal mechanical failure was not on our radar. After quite a bit of research, we came across a "SI" or as we call them a tsb with regards to the intake cam lobe on the #1 cylinder wearing due to lack of lubracation at idle, we measured the rocker travel and we found a full 1/32" between cylinders 1 and 3. Replaced the cam and all 16 lifters, no more misfires, truck passed smog and the customer is a happy camper. I have to say in the 21 years we been in business I have never had to replace a cam for a misfire. Any of you guys or gals came across this? Thanks Larry
  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We have a google place page and we rank fairly high on the first page, but the way Google changed there search engine and with smart phones depending where you are, the closest one shows first, with ad words I understand you show up on the paid listings on the right side of the page ranked by content and not location. But you are spot on about the reveiws, I will work harder on that. Thanks again Larry
  4. Hi Rooster, Check with your local parts house that has online parts estimating most have a labor guide for free in our area Kohlweiss auto parts has a free labor guide through Autocom link. hope this helps Larry
  5. Any of you folks familiar with Google ad words? does it work for you, we are tring to bump up our online presence. Thanks Larry
  6. You should try watching craigslist, we just got a Launch x431 master kit for 250.00 updated to 2008 for 250.00. anther option is the Autel Link, it's a high end code reader with live data for about 175.00 off the Matco truck. Larry
  7. Hi Terry, I like your Logo...we started hand writing orders 20 yrs ago then went to Triad then to Alldata and about 5yrs ago went to Mitchell SI, I must say it the best of the ones we've used and with the repair feature the techs love it, as well as being able to build andd save revisions, you can intergrade it in with most parts houses so you can do a estimate and never pick up the phone...a real time saver. Larry
  8. Thanks for having me as part of this group, you all sound like a great bunch of folks. We are a small family owned shop (5 lifts 9 bays) that is in our 20th year here, we work on all makes and models as well as build custom hero car replicas, like Batmobiles, Black Beauty's (The Green Hornets car). I look forward to reading what you guys have to say. Larry

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