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  1. Robert Crawford

    Robert Crawford

  2. What were you thinking... willing to pay people to work. I have the same problem. All I get is Truck drivers tired of driving who worked at a Walmart Tire center in High School and think they are technicians. BTW, I think your ad is very well written. It just goes to prove Allot of folks dont want a job, they want a check. Dont let that moron bother you
  3. I just checked my Auto policy. My transport tag costs $75 per year. I charge $15 per unlicensed vehicle for the use. We get a lot of " been off the road for awhile" so it works for us. $5k? No way.
  4. And don't have the guts to tell you. Had an interview last Saturday... He was 10 minutes late. I called him and sounded like I woke him up. Said he was waiting for his MAMA to get his kid so he could head this way ( 45 min drive). I asked you didn't call or try to email? He couldnt find the number he had called three days before. I told him don't bother, Ill call you. Hope he's not waiting for that call.
  5. I responded to the R&W article with the same feeling. Someone else " pimping " us out and telling us what we should charge without having a clue what our overhead is. I would like to go to the grocery store and tell them what my groceries will cost. Same principle.

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