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Everywhere I look I see that I'm supposed to target 60% gross profit.  Am I supposed to include tires in this?  I have no problem getting 60% on repairs, but when I include my tire sales then it just tanks it.  About 15% of our sales is tires.  Is anyone getting 60% GP including tires?  If so, I need to make some adjustments.

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    • By Joe Marconi
      Not every shop pays flat rat; for many reasons.  So, many techs are on hourly pay.  There is nothing wrong with hourly pay, as long as you have an incentive program in place that promotes high production levels to avoid complacency.  For hourly paid employees I strongly urge you to have a pay plan that rewards production levels on a sliding scale.  
      As a business coach, I have seen too many times shops with low production levels and high tech payroll due to overtime pay. Overtime pay must not be used to get the jobs done with no regard to labor production.  Limit overtime and create a strategy that increases production and rewards techs with production bonuses.  By the way, there are many ways to incentivize techs, it's not all about money. 
      Overtime without high levels of production will eat into profits and if not controlled, with kill your business. 
      If your shop is an hourly paid shop, what incentives do you have in place to maintain production levels? 
    • By mmotley
      Curious if anyone has any experience with this company? I need to start tracking my guys since we can't seem to produce what I would call acceptable hours. Bolt on has stated that they are working on time clock software for the tablets, but I can't continue to wait. Or if anyone uses another time clock software that tracks productivity and efficiency, I would appreciate feedback.
    • By Framingham Auto Service
      When looking to achieve 60% gross profit on labor, do you add all labor cost or just technician cost?
    • By integritytrans
      Every single month for the past five years we have grown and grown and grown.
      Business is great.
      But at the end of every month all the money that gets deposited into the bank account gets withdrawn.
      Whats some of the saving techniques or any type of tricks you all do to grow that rainy day fund?
      Thank you in advance
    • By mmotley
      Curious as to how others handle who in their business sees what. For instance, if you are using Mitchell1 to write up tickets, simply pushing F12 will show you the breakdown of profit margin and dollars on each ticket (parts and labor separated). I don't think there is a way to disable this feature, so I have definitely removed access from this in the shop. However, my service writer uses the software all the time.
      How do you handle who sees what and who doesn't? Do you perhaps explain to someone who does see the profit numbers that there is also rent, insurance, utilities, etc?
      **Referring to employees
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