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Example of why I hate dealing with the public

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At 63 and in business for 37 years this month I wonder more and more how long I want keep having mornings like this morning. Guy comes in yesterday and drops his car off for a tire repair. It need tires so I call him and tell him that. He says why don't we put a set on. I explain that I'll be glad to do that but he really only needs 2. He's grateful for the advice and decides on one of the 3 options I quote him. He asks when it will be done and I explain in an hour but if he wants to take advantage of the free alignment check he'll have to leave it for the day. He agrees so later in the day we proceed to check the alignment which is out badly. We try to contact the guy 3 times for an okay to proceed but he doesn't respond to our messages. Finally my service manager and I agree to go ahead and align the vehicle but we made sure to print before and after copies of the settings. When the guy comes in today he balks at paying for the alignment. I immediately tell him I'll deduct it from his bill. But then I explained that although our policy is not to go ahead without an authorization, we couldn't get a hold of him and took a chance that he would want it done. I then showed him the before and after readings. He didn't budge so I took it off his bill. But when running his credit card, I asked him if we had gotten a hold of him if he would have given an authorization and he said yes. So he was basically saying I would have paid for the alignment but since I have you in a bind, I'm going to take advantage of you. I so wanted to really give this guy a lecture but I bit my tongue and kept silent. I'm getting soft in my old age.

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