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impatient customers with selective hearing - vent

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I need to vent, lately we've had a rash of selective hearing cases. The latest one is this guy comes in about 4:30 and needs his rotted brake lines replaced real quick. I explained that its not a real quick job and we don't have time this week, but we could do it next week. Well he needs his car now and its not driveable, and it's a quick job so what can I do. I offered that he can leave it with me and I'll try to work on it between appointments if we get some time, but we are very busy and its going to take a few hours at best. Maybe we can get to it, most likely it will be next week. OK so he leaves it, sure enough he calls 8am the next morning. Done yet? This repeats every couple hours until his representative (step dad or uncle or someone) shows up wanting to see the manager. He doesn't like my manager's facts so he asks who I am, maybe he's going to call my boss and get me fired. I told him I'm the owner. He then bashed us for not fixing it as fast as promised. Really?


Just as soon as he leaves another kid comes in at 4:45 - i need a valve stem real quick. Keep in mind its 1/2 hour before closing on friday and i have 2 waiters in the office already getting tires and about 8 people to bill out. I'm Sorry sir I can't do it today, can you leave it and run the spare for now? Maybe try the place down the street. Nope, he needs it now! So while I'm billing a lady out he barges in the shop, demands my tech air up his spare, badmouths me, then uses my jack and swaps his spare in the lot. WTF? I can't take it. It's like going out to eat, not wanting to wait for a table, and going into their kitchen and making a hamburger. Bizarre.


The worst part is I feel bad about it. I would like to help the kid, but there's only so much work a person can do. I'm sure even if I had 10 guys working somebody would expect me to have 11.

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