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  1. We used Sherwin Williams Armor Clad for the first time this year. I was pretty happy with the results. The fumes were pretty strong vs products in the past. We get a crew together from the shop. Prep on Friday night, roll paint on Saturday morning.
  2. ohlmannr


  3. My Hunter rep came in recently and brought me a book detailing all the safety features that are being built into cars and the systems that need to be calibrated. The book details a wheel alignment and a safety system alignment. At first it got me thinking that I needed to start looking into this a little more and plan for the future. My current scan tools have always calibrated the steering sensors when needed. They are quick and easy. Today we had in a 2017 VW. The procedure that need to be done was much more in depth. So, the question is. Where do you all see the future of menu priced alignm
  4. Also, read this fourm. A lot of good info here. Read from this https://www.ratchetandwrench.com/ Listen to this http://remarkableresults.biz/
  5. #1) I think this depends on what kind of business you have or want to have. Our shop is mainly undercar so I basically have little need for a master tech(Right now). We have a great business using really good B techs. Whatever level tech you think you need for your business, hire really good people. Don’t hire average to save a few dollars an hour. You will get mediocre work, you will be out in the shop helping them and looking after them. Defeating what you are trying to accomplish. #2) If you want to and do hire good help I think flat rate or hourly with bonus ( which is what we use)
  6. I’m really surprised to see a sub $130 rate in California and to hear it’s among the highest. You mentioned labor GP %. The cost of living and going rates for tech’s from each of our areas I’m sure is different so that will have an effect. I like the fact you are paying top dollar for techs. I’m moving in that direction and the only way I can do that is to continue to raise my labor rates. I wont actively poach other shops, but I wouldn’t mind if word got out that we have a great place to work, good car count and we pay well. If anyone has looked for techs lately you know they are hard t
  7. My experience in the past two years I went from $85 - $95 then $95 - $105 my car count has increased. Industry standard is around 2 hrs per RO I think. So if you raise your rate $10 per hr the increase average is about $20. If a customer doesn’t come back over $20 either you don’t want that customer or you haven’t built enough value into your repairs or service.
  8. https://www.ratchetandwrench.com/articles/4841-how-to-price-to-gain-customer-loyalty This was a good read concerning this topic.
  9. I completely agree with the change coming. With a shortage of Techs the industry will need to raise wages to get people interested in the trade. I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve. Local dealer has an add out with a $10,000 signing bonus. I had seen $1500 - $2500 in the past two years and have had trouble finding 2 good tech's myself but things must be worse than I thought.
  10. $105 Louisville Ky. Will be doing area checks in the next 2 weeks. Looking to go up. $110 - $115
  11. I imagine every shop is set up differently. Hourly, salary, some work more hours than others. There are many reasons for paying everyone differently. And no, my $13.50 guy doesn't make me the same as my $20 an hr guy. That's why he's only paid $13.50 an hr. I've profited almost $100,000 from my top guy than my bottom guy.
  12. $1000 Service Advisors. $500 Tech's
  13. We are new to Mitchell and QuickBooks. Previously we had YES System from PACE so our Invoicing and accounting system were all in one system. The problem I'm running into is with QuickBooks. We had accumulated a 75,000 customer database .QuickBooks Pro only accommodates 15,000 I believe. It has been suggested we go to QuickBooks Enterprise. We are one location and we currently service about 400 cars per month. Anyone doing similar numbers and what version of QuickBooks are you using ? Thank you !
  14. I love the program. It's easy to use even though I don't have a SMS that integrates. I put off signing up because I was looking to change SMS's and thought the manual entry would be too time consuming. I was wrong, wish I would have done it sooner. My productivity is up 8 % TYD since signing up and trending up. Ive been able to do more work with less people. My bottom line is loving it !

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