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  1. I just signed up with Elite a couple months ago and also am having a great experience! Look forward to getting to work on my business finally!
  2. Not really worth it. Been doing it for 3 years and I'm about to drop them. Takes way too much space and time from business with very little return.
  3. Your website is extremely important this day in age. But not only the site, you need to be easily found while searching for service in your area. It is worth it to spend a little extra to have a company that can handle it all effectively for you. We use net driven and have been very happy. Www.autodrx.com
  4. We have had Mitchell crm for about 2 years now. Been with a couple others before that and definitely feel that Mitchell is the best bang for the buck. They really are helpful with obtaining positive online reviews for the business. The key though is obtaining customer emails, that is a must.
  5. All we do is send out hand addressed and signed Christmas cards to all our customers. Little pricey but the feedback is excellent!
  6. Just signed the papers this week for the new Hawkeye Elite alignment machine, w/their 18k alignment rack. Looking forward to getting it here because I know the ROI is there!
  7. 100% Agree, it provides the customer with another avenue for financing the repair. If they decline the customer then we did our best to help them out. They then need to figure out how to fund their repairs because we definitely are not.
  8. Spot on Joe!! Sometimes you have to read something like this to bring you back into reality. Just because car counts, Average RO, or Visits per year are down does not mean you have to sit there and take it. Analyze and React!
  9. Joe, I am having issues with the link, can you check it out? It may just be me but it sends me to my gmail, to a conversation that is not there.
  10. Awesome timing!!! I am currently trying to decide between Auto Vitals and Bolt on Technologies for the tablet inspection and work flow. I am interested in how it works out for you!
  11. +1 on the CarCareOne Card. Been working really well for us and doesnt really cost us more than a normal credit card sale would.
  12. We currently use Netdriven for our website (www.autoDRx.com) and Mechanicnet for our CRM. Other than that the only thing that has worked marketing wise is a monthly bulletin that is mailed to everyone in our area. But, all areas are different. Your best bet is to talk to other businesses in your area (preferably of the same trade) and see what works for them.
  13. Question about that.... We have had great luck with these as well and are currently pricing them the same way about $450 with parts plus $50 for each that needs to be extracted. How would you go about telling a customer that a head job would be required after extraction failed? We have not had this happen, and all customers are warned of the problems with these spark plugs breaking. It just seems difficult that we sell the job saying that we can extract them then when it fails we have to go back and sell them a considerably more expensive job. How do you break the news to them without turn

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