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  1. Carl Spandau

    Carl Spandau

  2. Thank you for all the valuable input. I really appreciate the help. My Local chamber has a mixer coming up next week and I will work on my "elevator Speech". I also worked up a customer referral program and will be getting it established this week. I feel the referral program will be my strongest resource right now. I have a couple of car lots i do business with and will giving them some good incentives to refer there customers. If theirs one thing im good at, it would be finding the wrong way to do things. I guess that just comes with being in business... I will chime back in a few weeks.
  3. i updated my profile. when i signed in using facebook it grabbed some bad info. my car count is only about 5 cars a week right now. my current business is coming from a few car lots (not the best paying ) that i used to work with when i sold motorcycles and a couple of small business. i have some cash to dedicate to advertising im just afraid to spend it in all the wrong places. i have feather flags and banners on the street, social media accounts, business cards, all the usual easy things to do. the local chamber wants 400.00 for a years membership and will run adds in the local paper. not sure if any one really reads them any more. I am really aiming to get more air conditioning work in the shop. my background is in Transit bus and fleet maintenance. my last job i managed 200 vehicles 14 buses and about 100 pieces of equipment. hope that helps a little.
  4. hello! i just opened a shop and am having a hard time gaining traction. im looking for some marketing techniques that work good for new business. i have tried social media and google add words with zero results. also are any of the social media marketing company's any good? the ones that call 20 times a day claiming to manage everything and create material for your pages. seems like the only people stopping by are the previous tenants customers and he did not have the best clientele. he marketed heavily discounted repairs, free estimates, bring your own parts. everything i dont want. I would appreciate any tips to getting people into my shop my shop is a 4 bay with just me and my wife. very clean and remodeled with all the tools a shop needs except an alignment rack. thank you for your time!

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