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  1. Bruno Tabbi

    Bruno Tabbi

  2. Meowpox, i agree with. if your contact info is not immediately visible on your site you are frustrating people. A good amount of people visit a site just to get contact info. I think you are right when you say your customer base differs from most here. It looks like you are catering to a very high end clientele. Much different than most of the other members I am guessing. The information I am reading is leading me to believe that we have been brainwashed to blindly focus on page views, clicks, likes and now everyone is neglecting generating calls. Check out this article; http://adage.com/article/datadriven-marketing/rise-phone-leads-sylvan-picks-call-data/307943/ I would be interested to see what 50 web leads vs 50 unique phone calls would generate in sales.
  3. You make a good point about whether online leads are more likely to result in someone showing up for service. When someone fills out the web form to schedule service online, do you follow up by calling the person? How much time goes into contacting a web leads, meaning do you have to make repeated calls sometimes? I am asking this specifically because I am wondering if it is better for me to to have a really well trained person answering the phones and driving traffic to the phone or push people to fill out an online form. The reason why i am thinking this way is because of how unpredictable the internet has become. Whether you are sending people online to fill out the form or they find while searching the reality is that you have no control over that ecosystem. You are really subject to Google and whomever else is making the rules on what ranks well and what doesn't. So if you don't turn that person into a caller as fast as you can you might lose them if they continue searching. I have feeling the best thing you can do is get them off of the computer and on the phone with someone who can answer questions and make the person feel comfortable about coming in. Also, I have seen some data indicating that phone leads are the best. Check this out: http://www.marketingprofs.com/opinions/2015/27264/the-human-voice-is-crucial-for-online-sales-heres-proof If i call a shop and am politely greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member wouldn't that be more persuasive? What are your thoughts?
  4. Xrac, What i am trying to understand is generating sales by utilizing your most effective marketing tool. When you say that your online reviews generate sales for you do you know this from polling customers? Also, i wanted to understand what you were saying so i looked up your shop and you only have 2 yelp reviews. Two reviews can't be enough to generate sales? Are these people calling you? or just coming in? Thanks.,
  5. Hello Everyone, New member here. I wanted to pose a question to the forum here. Which types of leads are most likely to turn into sales for you? Put another way, what is your best source for generating new business? I don't want to know how you advertise, I want to know know for example if phone calls are more valuable than web leads, or which types of leads have the highest closing ratio for you? For most people here and in most industries, its unanimous that word-of-mouth and in person interactions are your most likely sales but besides those what is the most reliable? Web leads, phone calls? And when you do advertise do you push people to the form of contact that your most likely to close? The reason I ask is because I see people just advertise their website with no phone number sometimes or some people really push people to call. Do you find that people who call your shop are more likely to come in than people who might come from a web lead such as an online form? Thanks in advance for any input.

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