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  1. 328ijunkie


  2. Just had to pay their 700$ cancellation fee to get rid of them. Tried everything. Extortionists. Lesson learned. Spent 5k or so with them over 7 months and brought me ~1k in revenue.
  3. I agree Yelps 'Sorting' is all over the place and prob makes you look good when you throw them money. I still dont get a ton of leads from them. I yelled at a rep on the phone the other day and he suggested some changes to a few sections, we'll see. Thanks for everyones advice/thoughts.
  4. Signed up for yelp a few months ago. I see alot of leads coming through Kukui and have sold ~10k or so through them. My biggest complaint currently is my SA's getting annoyed by the barrage of messages/calls from people wanting their 20" impala wheels powdercoated or their suburban seats reupholstered or a starter for a kia optima. About 1/30 leads are even worth answering. I suppose a lead is a lead at the end of the day. Were at the ~675/mo tier. Whats everyones experiences...
  5. 2 of my techs came from dealerships because they were tired of being slaves. Sans our bonus structure, their original starting pay was lower than the dealer and they were happy as can be to start. And 2 years in they are extremely happy. Are they making 50% of labor sales? No. I would love to know how you operate a legal shop and pay your techs that. Taxes, Insurance, Tools, Identifix, Mitchell, Diag computers/software, Gas/Power (have full HVAC year round), unemployment/WC, Paying for environmental grade disposal and storage of fluids, advertising/marketing, CC fees, 401K, Rent, phones, s
  6. Super agree. Was run just as good if not better than the huge Worldpac events I've been to and they've been doing this for a long time
  7. For the BMW applications we buy the factory tool which is a cast alum part that has a vacuum cleaner hookup and a small hole to insert a blasting nozzle. Works great.
  8. I agree, website is meh... Also: https://www.semrush.com/info/www.keeneauto.com/ Look up your google analytics as well.
  9. Do you guys charge labor time based strictly on book time? Weve raised our labor rate mainly for perception (to push some of the price shoppers away) but not really for additional gains although jumping 10/hr on labor with 3 techs doing say 2000hrs of labor a year is 60K...
  10. Working on BMW's solely here, generic OBD2 codes are most of the time completely worthless. Alot of scanners and what not dont even have definitions for all BMW codes and you are simply left with "Manufacturer specific DTC" as the description to the code. In alot of other cases BMW's LOVE throwing O2 sensor codes (when read with generic scanner) only to have the problem be something like Vac leaks. Weve sold ~9 02 Sensors the 3+ years weve been in business... They fail alot less frequently than everyone thinks

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