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  1. After 25 years of wrenching I have built quite a diverse set of hand tools and equipment including programming and key making. The way I like to bring my young techs up is to let them use my tools when they assist me on my jobs and through this process they discover the value of name brand tools and learn what they borrow the most. This helps them make well informed purchases. I insist that they do not buy anything they haven’t borrowed yet.
  2. Yes I do believe we need to make this industry more financially attractive. Many are lured in by interest in how cars work and fixing them as a hobby but soon find out how steep the earnings curve is when it comes to buying tools and going to school. Nowadays a tech nerd can buy a small toolkit online and become a computer repair technician with minimal investment in tools and education. These jobs have far better starting pay and you don’t get your hands dirty.
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