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  1. Dux


  2. I think it's all going to depend on what shops will be willing to participate. I think the problem they are going to have is getting shops to want to accept their coins as a form of payment.
  3. Thanks Pam! I try to do the same. Where do you get most your material from. Just surfing?
  4. Hey Everyone, Do you any of you guys post Facebook content on a regular weekly basis? I find myself running out of content to post? Anyone have any good source for good information that I can relay to my customers. I have been just posting, customer reviews, car tips, sometimes offers on good discounted automotive parts. Thanks...Robert
  5. Thank you! I think this will help everyone out tremendously. Chick-fil-A is a great organization and now I know why. I've heard they screen their franchisees very carefully. I like his interview process! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Yes, I've been saved by the network. One of the reasons I wanted to post this was, I try to prepare myself for the "what if didn't have that network scenario." I definitely have been in that situation and have been taken advantage of. Thanks for putting the professional sports team analogy. I always try to picture myself like a sports franchise.😂 Thanks for the tip Meowpox, that's the avenue our shop has been investing more time on, especially the advertising side.
  7. I wasn't able to respond directly to some of the responses. Thank you to everyone who responded. I have been contacting people on indeed, just haven't found much luck. The staff that I have now, has just been by pure luck. I specialize in transmissions so that also makes it even harder. I have to try and find a general tech and try to train him up to become fast enough on transmissions. The staff I have now, let's just say this. If I didn't have them, or they didn't happen to stumble into my shop, I'd be in the red and digging myself out a hole. Thank you for everyone who responded. I guess th
  8. Hello Everyone, We've been trying to find good help for the past 3 months and have been very unsuccessful. We have ads on craigslist and indeed and had no luck on there neither. Our workload is backed up and now it's starting to affect our profitability, in terms of we're taking 2 weeks to finish a week's worth of work. Anyone have any good suggestions on how to get out of this bind or is being patient our best bet? Thanks...Robert
  9. Thank you all for responding. I very much appreciate it. To respond to Elon. -My transmission shop is currently always backed up and we have so much carry over on a weekly basis. I was thinking of sending a few jobs down to the new shop to help raise revenue before we gain some momentum and some of the advertising campaigns kick off. Yes, I am trying to turn the jobs out faster. My shop is often having to turn off our advertising to catch up but this is on transmission repairs. -My transmission shop is currently doing about 80% retail and 20% wholesale. - Right now, the shop
  10. Hello Everyone, My name is Robert, I own and run a transmission shop. I recently was given an opportunity to take over an auto repair shop without much investment but I don't have as much experience in the general automotive field. I don't know what kind of repairs I should be targeting or what kind of shop supplies I should stock up on. I figured I would use this shop to help with the overflow of my transmission shop just to make sure theirs income coming in. I would appreciate any kind of advice or tips. Thanks...Robert
  11. Hi, I"m in desperate need of mechanics. What are some sources that you guys use to look for mechanics? Thanks, Rob
  12. Thank you all for the responses. It relieves a lot of anxiety. I finally met the customer face to face today and I hate to say it but I judged a book by its cover. I think he is trying to do an insurance scam on me. He hands me a hand written receipt of all the stereo equipment he purchased in April. It looks like he got one of his buddies from a stereo shop to write him up a receipt. He also gives me another hand written receipt for additional stuff like new IPod. I asked if he had insurance and he says he only has insurance on his license? What does that mean? What do you guys sugg
  13. It's a shop where the owner, rents out space to people who want to fix their own cars. I'm getting ready to get out of there. I just use the place as a second location where I can reach customers in that area.
  14. My mechanic doesn't remember what was in the car but definitely does not believe anyone would be that dumb to leave all that valuable stuff inside. The car isn't even worth as much as the stereo equipment he is claiming.
  15. Hey Guys, I'm having some anxiety over a situation with a customers car. I was hoping everyone experiences can help come to the best solution. I rent space out of a fix it yourself shop. One of my customers did not have the money to pay for their repairs. It took them 2 and 1/2 months to pay it. During that time the car got broken into and from what the customer said their were some valuable stereo equipment stolen. His list is also growing by the minute of what's missing and also he has receipts. Have any of you guys experienced anything like this? Thanks, Monty

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