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  1. We use a parts matrix, but have theses "special items" that uses a separate matrix. Filters, Bulbs, Wipers 50% Brakes, struts,batteries,clutches 40% Fluids 35%

    Shop Labor Rate

    Wilmington North Carolina, $89/diag rate, 91 Mech. repair, 95 for electrical repair. $110 for vintage VW's and Porsche


    Any new news from your guys that are using Kukui? looking at signing up and would like some feed back.
  4. We use a few different oil specs depending on the engine installed, but mostly 507.00/504.00, and 502.00/505.00. We are not the cheapest oil change in town but the people that really care about their VAG car don't seem to mind the $60-$80 oil changes.
  5. Yes, I couldn't agree more. We worked a deal with our worldpac rep and got our gas engine oil changes to around 40% or more depending on oil filter.
  6. What is everyone's margins on oil changes? I use only Oil that meets Volkswagen/Audi specifications so i pay around $1,100 for a 55 gallon drum of Pentosin, when i could be paying $500.00 for a synthetic oil that doesn't meet vw/audi specifications. Alot of our customers are aware of Volkswagen's oil requirements and are always asking if our oil meets their specification so after you throw in a good quality filter our oil changes run from $75- to over $100.00 with a high 20's% margin. Then a few of them will beat you up on the price. We are only charging $12.00 labor on oil changes, Im not loosing money on oil changes but id like to figure a way to get my margins a little higher.

    Dealerships Being sneaky.

    We are a Vw/Audi shop, and the local Volkswagen dealer has told a few of our customers that we have sent to them for recalls that we have no business working on their car, that we are not certified to performed the work that her car needs,blah,blah,blah. (My partner and I were the top techs there for over 5 years) All they have done is lost customers for good. When a business speaks poorly of another business i think it makes them look unprofessional but alot of them will still do it.
  8. This is the matrix we are using currently for dealership sourced parts Your cost Multiplied by: .01-5.00 3.25 5.01-50.00 2.25 50.01-100.00 1.82 100.01-175.00 1.67 175.01 and up 1.54 Sometimes we have to adjust our price up or down, but for the lower cost items we try to mark up even more to compensate for the lower profit margins from the dealership parts.