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  1. I watched this and it was great! Also introduced me to a channel I wasn't even aware of since I usually start my browsing at channel 3 and this was on channel 2
  2. Do you have access to a labscope? If so then make sure the cam and crank signals are in sync. If the reading is implausible the computer may be shutting off spark and fuel to avoid further engine damage. This would be easier than pulling the timing cover. Also as Frank suggested a compression check may point you to a cam timing problem as well with a consistently high or low reading.
  3. So I went ahead and pulled the trigger on getting involved with Kukui. Since marketing is not my strong point (at all) it makes sense to let the experts handle it to me. I am impressed with how you can tailor your involvement in the campaign. Does anyone who is currently with them (or not and just good with marketing) have any suggestions? I have the questionnaire call on Monday to get everything started up so I want to be as prepared as possible. My main goal in using them is for new customer acquisition. Customer Retention and reviews are an added bonus of the program. I have been bless
  4. They were lucky one of those didn't blow up in their face. Your techs were lucky as well!!
  5. I am a TechNet member as well and have had the pleasure of working with the warranty dept on an out of town car. Everything was as smooth as silk and paid for that day. Feel free to call Ben at 678-505-8661 between 8-6 EST.
  6. The quality of the tires is a huge factor. You can balance and balance a cheap set of tires and they still won't ride as well as a better set of tires. I have worked at numerous Goodyear stores and saw this time after time regardless of the balancer used. As Frank said, just because tires are new does not make them smooth.
  7. I told my wife your comments about the site (she made all the changes) and she was happy to hear that you noticed and liked it.
  8. It has been getting better. We didn't really raise prices as much as we quit giving out discounts. I have a new service manager that is amazing so far and he keeps me away from the customers. I have a hard time hearing all the sob stories and not giving in lol. We have also started thank you calls and where have you been letters. I also plan on borrowing some of stow's marketing ideas because he seems to be quite inventive.
  9. I went to Abiding Church yesterday and all I can say is wow! It is such a breath of fresh air to be in a church so alive with the spirit of God and not just a money making super church in search of the next Cadillac for the pastor. You can hear and feel the conviction in Janna's voice when she sings and Craig delivers an awesome sermon based on real modern life. It was an emotional experience for my entire family. Even little Wyatt loved playing in the nursery so much he didn't seem to realize we left until we walked back to the door after the service. Only being 13 minutes from my house, we h
  10. Craigslist is the best bet around here. I just picked up an 01 suburban for my wife that "needed a transmission" which of course wouldn't have been too big of a deal anyway. The bonus was the chafed power wire putting it in limp mode. So for a grand total of around 2500 she has a nice, reliable truck that could easily pull 5000 lbs for cheap. And it looks good too. The deals are there a nd if they need any help tell them to call me at the shop.
  11. I can't get the link to work but I will check it out on Facebook later. Thanks for the like by the way. Funny story, I actually used to get (before I got fatter lol) asked all the time if I used to play football but I'm actually not a sports fan. I've been a car guy my whole life so while everyone else was checking out stats and learning plays I was building engines and tuning carbs.
  12. Yes he just joined his middle school team and Saturday was his first scrimmage. Between him and my daughter's marching band we keep a full schedule. I also have a 14 month old to keep up with as well lol. If you still happen to be in town feel free to stop by the shop. We are at 10262 main st in Woodstock, just 2 exits up from bells ferry.
  13. We were hoping to make it. I got the mailer last week and my wife and I were excited to go. Unfortunately we just got back from my son's scrimmage game that ran way over so I doubt we will be up in time. Good luck with the launch and I hope to be attending soon!
  14. I am interested in this for sure. My family has been looking for a good church. I was raised in church but they were all about community and helping each other. All the churches I have visited around here are about who's wallet opens the widest. What part of Kennesaw is it in? We live off of exit 7 on 575.

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