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  2. What is everyone using for battery testing. We have an old SnapOn carbon pile tester and a Midtronix MDX700HD. We are wanting an upgrade, but still want the carbon pile capability.
  3. Thank you Mike for responding. On Wednesday I did get to speak with a supervisor and was able to explain what why I was upset. She addressed the issue with the support team and Nick was able to remote in to correct it. Since then Mike and my salesman called to address my concerns. Unfortunately I wasn't able to speak with either of them at the time but did speak with them today. I believe we are all on the same page now. I want to apologize if my post came off as a blast at the company. I reread it today to see if could be received this way (I will admit depending on your perspective it could
  4. We've been using Bolt On for a year and a half. Customer service has been great and the product has been great, until very recently. We just switched to a different management program and we have been have numerous issues. Usually they attack the issue and resolve it quickly and communicate very well. For whatever reason this has dramatically declined from what I'm used to. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this. Currently I'm on hold to speak with someone for the last 20 minutes. This call is related from an issue we had yesterday that was not resolved. The tech support disconnected from
  5. What I remember about ROW is that I couldn't get revolving services to be on each of every customers cars. In Mitchell I can have spark plugs, timing belts, trans flushes, etc all in each vehicle with their next date and milage in the recommended service so that the bolt on technology could then send out a reminder when it's due. Will ROW do the same. The checklist from what I remember was very generic and limited.
  6. That's awesome. Thanks for the input guys. Can either of y'all let me know how you work around ROW's lack of recommended services. One of the few aspects that I like about Mitchell is their recommended services. I'm trying to figure out which way I'm going to push my owner on this. So your input is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you Andre. I just heard from a friend recently that works with one of the companies and they told me the same. If you don't mind me asking are you keeping ROW? I've been told ROW has there own tablet / smartphone product. Also how do you use the recommended services on ROW? When I was using it at another shop we had a real struggle with revolving maintenance and the customer getting their reminder (i.e. spark plugs, flushes, timing belts all specific to their car and their mileage).
  8. Mike can you give us an update on the SMS you integrate with. This thread is kinda old and I'm curious to know who else your company is working with. Regards, Dan
  9. So how many folks have RO Writer and what are your opinions. I've used it and am pretty familiar with it. I am curious if they every released their update they've been talking about and also how you use recommended services. When I was using ROW I did not like how recommended services worked. It was very limiting. Are any of you using ROW and Bolt on Technology together. I'd like to know how well they integrate with eachother. Thank you in advance, Dan
  10. Good morning Mike. Are there any videos yet on this new update. I'm also curious how other shops are integrating it in the daily routine.
  11. Ok, I know there are some Elite customers on this website. I believe that Elite can no doubt help our shop, but my shop owner is very hesitant and is concerned that the coach we get will have us raise our prices which will drive away customers. He also is apprehensive about how much help Elite can provide for the one year commitment (the dollar vs. value). Truth be told I don't think he believes we need any help. We are a strong shop. We have really good car count and great gross sales, but we bleed from places I'm sure we don't even know about. What I'd like to know is if there are any shops
  12. I have some experience with ATI. They're a good bunch of guys but are REALLY expensive. How are elites prices. I know the class the just had was about $300-$400 but how are they when it comes to digging into our company and offering classes and such. What can we expect to pay per month.

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