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    RepairLync aims to provide a free connection for auto repair businesses to customers. Our goals are to ensure that the auto repair industry becomes electronically linked to customers and their vehicles remotely, with the utmost quality.

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  1. Here's a quick update on RepairLync. We had to extend Beta due to unforeseen issues. We are still working on the highest quality software, but, moreover, high quality customers. We are heavily monitoring activity and not letting any nonsense activity pass through. So beta might be for another month, with less activity. However, I want to point out that OpenBay seems to be promoting a new service now, identical to RepairLync. However, there is no mention on risk mitigation and no mention on attempting to prevent a bidding war. They're backed by Google. So I'd keep an eye out if I was a shop
  2. Hey all - just to keep those who signed up "in the loop" for Beta. We added new functionality, based on feedback from shops and users: 1) Repair Shops now have the ability to decline to estimate/quote a vehicle. There is a new link now that allows the decline, which informs the user. This way, early feedback can be given and you won't see these new requests as "new" anymore. An optional "reason" is available for you to write, when you decline. 2) Communication preferences can now be set, along with an "unsubscribe" type option that doesn't send any emails regarding new customer r
  3. Quick update to those who signed up - We released the product to the Google Play store for vehicle owners to use. We're working on slowly marketing it so that customers will connect with you. However, we are planning on doing it slowly to ensure that there will be limited transactions so that we can get feedback and fix any issues. So in the coming weeks, you may start seeing some activity. However, we'll keep it considered in limited Beta mode, to ensure the highest quality for everyone. After we get a fair share of transactions and satisfaction, we'll open it up! Stay tuned!
  4. Thanks for the comments! I definitely agree with you - we try our best to put shops in control after the readings, which is why we do not perform any translations or hints on the fixes. We give all the options to communicate, quote fixes or inspection fees, message, etc with customers. They are definitely in need if they use this product and we hope they go to you for their needs. If repair facilities do not agree with quoting fixes, that's not the only option available. However, most of all repair shops that signed up will probably notice very little or no activity so far. Just to cl
  5. Hello all - just a quick message to those who have registered, or who tried to register via Facebook - We deeply apologize, but there was a bug preventing many registrations (users and shops) from completing, causing our user base to be extremely limited. The bug has been fixed and users can now login fully using their Facebook accounts. The good news is that we caught it in Beta. But in any case, for those registered, you are probably not seeing much activity in Beta due to this, and due to the fact that Google's Beta process tends keeps users very limited in size. If you already regi
  6. Thank you so much for your feedback. I stated earlier that I would not step out and defend the product's concept at this point because I believe some are viewing the responses as me "not getting it". However, in this case, there are quite a bit of misconceptions that I need to clear up - many only read the last few posts, and there's some ideas I need to clarify here. 1) You raise a good point of losing you as a consumer - we will look into clarifying further so that the average layman can understand the product. 2) OBD-2 scanning in retail stores is and has been illegal in Californi
  7. Hello all, Just wanted to quickly mention that Beta is now continuing for RepairLync. Once again, thanks to everyone for their feedback and info - we know the app doesn't work well in many scenarios, so if that's the case for your shop, thanks again for your time and feedback. The improvements so far are: - Shop video updated with full process implementation and new features - Process implemented for protection of shops and customers, along with expectations - "Physical inspection only" checkbox for shops who have any doubt in the request - User app bug fixes for OBD reading - User
  8. Xrac, A little background on myself, sure, this may be long, but I want to give you the history on why this product started, and my knowledge in the field... I grew up loving cars. My dad always worked on his own cars and I was the type that would be his little helper in the garage. I was able to learn a lot of basics in there, but it wasn't until age 16 that I started working on them, on my own. My friend had an '84 GT 5.0 that needed a lot of work. We did a lot to it, such as replacing the radiator, carb, etc so it would run well and pass smog. It did. It also ran a decent 15.6x @ 87, wh
  9. You are right - the system could be used in such a way to promote this type of behavior. One thing we're working on is to portray reviews and reputation are just as good as price. Of course, we know that many people will always go to the lowest price. However, I'm not sure if it's just me, but have you ever saw two identical products, one at a no-name online store, and the other at Amazon. If they are relatively close in price, but no-name is cheaper, I still buy at Amazon, to get the guarantee of good service, fast shipment and a brand new item. We'll try to work on getting that portraye
  10. Xrac, I very, very much appreciate your feedback. Excellent suggestions and info - that is invaluable to making a more useful product. As you can see, the product has evolved since the first post and this is only approx 10% of the intended new items. I will admit that the first revision literature, videos and artwork were too much on the optimistic (magic) side, and we're fixing all of that. The Autozone free diagnostic readout, and how it affected your shop, is also very interesting. That reinforces that RepairLync needs to do a good job on training consumers. We'll work on that more
  11. Guys, I know plenty of you are pretty annoyed with me and this product, so I'm going to stop defending the RepairLync product at this point. It's fine if you wish to keep the debate going, but it will only be one sided now. I will only post to this thread if there are any questions or constructive feedback on making the product better (but not how the core concept doesn't work). But again, to those who disagree with our core concept, I humbly respect your opinion and thank you for your time as we'll go on our merry ways. I think I've said enough defense of the product, that someone "on t
  12. mspecperformance, great post. I'm sorry about the bad review on Yelp. That's really bad when that happens - and I can see that Yelp would never remove it. Since Yelp operates so many businesses, I'm sure they'd have to do a full investigation to ensure the customer is worng. I'm sure for one review, they won't bother because they're too "big and bad". RepairLync's review system is open to anyone who registers, but we have a conduct policy. In our Q&A added recently, we accept feedback from shops on consumers directly. If a customer is found to be violating our policy, we have the
  13. Russ, For the examples I mentioned, it would only work theoretically. Since it's a new product, things don't always go its way, but this is why I'm trying to further develop and release it so it's closest to the theories. 1) In your example above, why would you want to link an already fearful consumer with a shop that charged $500 for a $10 repair? Is that good for anyone except the shady shop? In this case, RepairLync first provides visibility into the problem. The shop would be less likely to charge $500 if they connected to RepairLync. If they were not connected to RepairLync, the
  14. Thanks Gonzo, for the honest feedback. It is all welcome, appreciated and taken into consideration, evolving the development and marketing of the product. With your comments, it sounds like you don't agree with the core fundamentals of RepairLync, so I'll agree that it's not a good product for you. I agree that it's easy for me to sit here and say that diagnosis can be done, when you guys have to perform the actual work. I'm in no way disagreeing to your assessment. A reputable shop like yours, with great customer relationships, won't ever need a product like this. In fact, as you menti
  15. Russ, Thanks again for all of your feedback. It may not seem like it, but I'm taking your feedback into consideration and evolving the product and target market. Let's just say that reputable shops like yourself, with great customers, do not need RepairLync. Also I believe RepairPal was even backed by cars.com and Castrol for $13m in furthering their product. So yes, they have big investment. I'd definitely say though that we are not trying to do what they're doing. They're looking to certify individual shops, which takes time, money, and good honest management. This is is good, as yo

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