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Customer rant sub forum? I'd be in for that!

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My Customer rant for the day.


I have a rather decent gentleman in this 30's that brings his 1998 528i to us. The first time we saw the vehicle was the beginning of the summer. The car looked like it had been sitting for the better part of a year. The owner told us he had let the car sit for a while but wanted to drive it for the summer and sell it when the summer was over. He brought the car in originally for a coolant leak. We diagnosed the problem to 2 hoses on the throttle body, fixed the problem, pressure tested, bled the cooling system, let sit at idle for an hour, test drove and sent it out.


Customer brings the car back a few weeks later with an overheating issue. Seems a little frustrated with the ol' "I brought the car in for an overheating issue and I still have the same problem." We diagnose the problem to a hose on the back of the head that wore out and blew off. I explained to the customer that the overheating was due to a new problem and the previous repairs were not the cause. We performed the same procedure, pressure tested, bled, idle, test, sent it out.


Customer again tows the car back a few weeks later again overheating. Now hes a bit more pissed off. Same old BS, "I am still overheating!" After the customer tells me the situation in which he started to overheat (bumper to bumper traffic dead heat of summer, AC on) I told him that it may be the aux fan not functioning properly. After we diagnose the problem it did turn out to be a seized fan. I again explained to the customer that it is a new problem and the previous repairs were holding. I then added that there is no way to tell what else he would need unless he wanted to preemptively replace his whole cooling system (which I do recommend to my customers but this being a 15 year old car he wasn't going to bite). Again we performed the same procedure, this time with the added test of the function of the fan and then we sent the car out.


Customer contacts me via facebook to tell me hes overheating again. Tells me that he doesn't want to pay a dime out of pocket because he thinks the fan is not working. I told him that we take care of our customers and if the fan is not working he is covered, just bring the vehicle in and we will get right on it.


A month later the customer arrives with the vehicle, this time he drove it in. Left the car with me on a Saturday and told him to wait a few days until next week and we will give him a call. We get to the car and first this is we notice there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust and the car is running a little rough. Already know potential headgasket issue. We pressure test the cooling system for good measure to check for leaks, there are none. We test the function of the fan, working perfectly. We trace a problem from the DME to the fan. No activation but signal coming out of DME. We check the fuse, getting power. Trace the problem to a break in the wire underneath the carpet somewhere. Before we go any further I contact the customer. I explain to him the situation but also that even if we fix the fan function issue (which was not our fault) he would still have a HG problem. He understands and wants to know what is going on with the car and authorizes us to pull the head.


Customer contacted me yesterday saying he would like to cancel the head check and would like to take the car. Ok no problem. Wants to have the car towed out today, no problem. I explain to him that there is a $60 diag/service fee and if he would like to pay over the phone with CC (which was a gift for the amount of time we spent tracing his wiring issue!). He says no problem, hed like to send the tow truck first and then drop by after work and settle up because he would like to pay in cash. I explain to the customer that we don't allow vehicles to leave out shop without settling the balance. Next i get a somewhat hostile message about how he doesn't appreciate that I am "holding $60" over his head when he had to tow the car back to the shop 3 times.


Some customers I want to throw into the river... :angry:

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