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Joe Marconi

Indentifix Identity Theft!

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Like many other shop owners around the country, Identifix is a great online resource for repair information, known problems, a hotline resource and other valuable information that shops need and use on a daily basis. I can also say that what we pay for the online service is well worth the price.


However, there are some out there that circumvent traditional channels and resort to stealing a fellow shop owner’s identity. How do I know this? It’s been happening to me for over a year now.


Here’s how it works. Someone will call Identifix claiming to be the shop owner of a targeted shop. He or she will say that they need to verify the user name and password because they are having problems logging onto Identifix. These people will even go as far as using a program that mimics the phone number of the shop they intend to steal the credentials from, so the rep on the line at Identifix thinks it’s a legitimate call. The user name and password is then given to the caller.


The user name and password is then sold to other shops and techs (even at dealerships) at a price far less than what we would pay for it. Identifix eventually finds out because they notice that the IP address from the computers are scattered all over, covering numerous states, and the number of users increases.


Now, there will always be crooks who want to make a fast buck the dishonest way. But, I don’t know what bothers me more; these dishonest people or the shop owners and techs in our industry that are willing to go along with this cheating.


Don’t they realize that this hurts us all? It’s bad enough that shop owners are having their identity stolen, but what does this say about our industry? I know this is a select few bad apples, but it needs to stop. And it will only stop when shop owners chase the S.O.B. out of their shops when these crooks come knocking at their door.


Sorry to vent today. But anything that hurts our image and may tarnish our good name is a cause I am willing to fight for.


PS: By the way, if you are not using Identifix, check it out and consider it as another informational source. You will not regret it. It is a powerful informational resource and will help you become more efficient and more profitable.


Here’s the link:


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