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    • All, Thanks for the tips and offers. I'm focused finding a shop in Central Texas for the foreseeable future. The journey continues!    
    • I have sent out three mass text messages using BayMaster which is my shop management system. Worked great, targeted all my customers and kept them informed that I am open and willing to help. Definite positive results and the cost is negligible. I am in New Jersey and it seems everyone has a friend or relative that Covid has taken. For that reason I do not send a marketing message since I have no way of knowing what the recipient is going through during these difficult times. Instead I send out messages indicating that we are available to help our customers even for non-automotive needs. 
    • I have  $1.2M fully-equipped transmission shop looking for somebody to buy for very little in SLC, Utah.  Willing to relocate?  I own the property as well. I would be your landlord. https://youtu.be/tT6rNNI4Gdg 801-885-2227
    • Email is & was important. And yes, more than ever texting is critical too. But what about in-app messaging and live chat? Better yet, what about all 3 of these mediums working seamlessly together? During a 4 part COVID-19 webinar series I'm hosting, I've been featuring guest speakers to share with us the importance of reaching smartphone addicted consumers remotely as #socialdistancing and #nocontact services gain in popularity.   Even though part 1 is over, it's not too late to join in for part 2 coming up this Wednesday. May 27th at 12pm CST. Get your complimentary invite here.  https://www.appfueled.com/webinars
    • I started using video to sell jobs back in 2008 when YouTube was new.  I Email a .pdf estimate along with a sales video link to YouTube.  In the video, I address the customer directly, show their vehicle & license plate.  We only do transmissions and in the video, I tell my customer: What failed. What we're going to do to fix it. What we're going to do to keep it from happening again.  Our close ratio went from 65% to 95% virtually overnight, no matter who the service writer is.  Our YouTube channel now has over 2,200 sales videos on it. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/user/larrybloodworth
    • Sometime it just takes knocking on doors and talking to owners.  
    • Can you really get the car count you need in the middle of a COVID-19 LOCKDOWN? I wanted to share exactly what one shop owner did. I include the exact email he sent me that details HIS NUMBERS - and then show you exactly what he did - and even how much it cost him. Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope this helps! Matthew “The Car Count Fixer” P.S.: Get 100% FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS to your own Private Text Number on the GO-MO Dashboard!  

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