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  1. why not sell cars? I am always looking on craigslist for decent cars that need repair to buy and sell.
  2. We're an european shop as well and hats off to you for carrying an AVO of over 1k, ours is at about 700 and Ive recently (3months) done a a Mudlick mail campaign. I actually read some of your old posts while researching how effective they were on here. Ive had 4 customers so far, one had an old ass Sparta which turns out is a kit car built in the UK from a Datsun, he had a window issue and needed a window switch, I tried to wiggle out of it but he was an AF veteran (he made sure to tell me) and he was over 80 years old so I felt bad, I hunted down the switch and gave him a price of 250.00 installed.... He was shocked how expensive it was. Second customer came in for a coolant leak that his other mechanic couldn't figure out, approved everything 1600+/-, no questions asked. My most recent one actually came in yesterday. 06 CLS550 AMG that had been parked for over 6 months guys brings it in because he wants to sell it, its his second car, he mentions and exhaust noise and CEL I get to looking at the car and its apparent that it was hit hard on the right side, coincidentally the weld all the way around the body of the cat was split clean, only 5 cats left in the country for it and I give him a price of 1600 for the cat and 2 O2's. He starts asking all sorts of questions about why cant we weld it back etc etc, finally says his brother is coming to have a look, brother comes looks and customer calls me 2 hours later telling me he doesn't want to put that money into a var he's selling... The car had a massive audible exhaust leak and CEL, he took the car. My campaign was targeted at european vehicle owners with a household income of over 50k. My opinion is that customers who look through all their spam mail at mailers/coupons are more frugal, always looking for a deal and that carries over into their cars. I personally don't think I will be running another campaign even though the new account manager at ML emails me every week to approve the artwork that I never requested.
  3. Just an update, Ive cancelled the adwords with AS after reviewing it my budget of 300 a month was bring me less than 2 clicks a day. I am thinking about leaving AS but they are trying to tell me I would have to buy out my contract. I am not sure how good it would be for my web presence either to jump ship right now.
  4. That was the answer I got as well, First it was lets increase your adwords budget from 300 to 400. Well with each relative click for me costing +/- $6 with a $300 budget that leaves me with $10 a day, thats less than one click a day so in my opinion its completely ineffective.
  5. Hey guys, I recently opened my shop (2 months) I started with autoshop solutions, I got their customer website package and 300 of google adwords per month. The folks over aut AS told me before hand that it woudl take time for the SEO to mature and to start getting results from google etc. Well its been 3 months since the site has been up and I have yet to get ANYTHING from google or the internet in general. When I logged into my control panel and took a look at the keywords they set me up with they were completely unrelated ie. "transmission shop" when I specialize in European makes. Ive searched high and low and have other people search and when looking for bmw, mercedes, audi service Ive gotten as far back as the 9th page with nothing. Has anyone had a similar experience with AS? I have someone who has a proven record of SEO whom a fellow shop owner friend of mine uses and swears by that says he can get me on the 1-2 page in 60 days. Thoughts? I feel like I am throwing away 1100$ a month.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys! We didn't have any sort of grand opening only because another portion of the building is being renovated and its all a shared lot so there was no space for us to house more than 10 cars. I just signed us up with yelp ppc after talking to a couple of the guys in the area and they tell me it has been working. Im sure things will pick up soon but patience isnt my forte :\
  7. Hi guys, ive been a long time lurker and finally got around to opening my own place. We've been open a week now and our first day was great we had 3 customer show up, two of which converted to sales. Since then it though nothing seems to have happened, phone doesn't ring, no real walk ins. Granted I've only been in business a week and I know it takes time but my question is what was it like for you guys? When did you start getting at least a couple of calls a day? I have a website with autoshop solutions as well as adwords and SEO, Ive also done 3k mailers with mudlick that will be hitting homes this week, and Ive been distributing flyers on cars on my free time roughly 1k or so thus far.
  8. Hey everyone, Ive lurked these forums for a long time while managing other people's shops and Ive decided to finally take the plunge. I shopped for an insurance quote and was given a price of 9k per year, this sounds extremely high to me. Is this a reasonable quote for a 2 bay shop in the Los Angeles area?

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