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Winter Weather can affect morale and moods; hurting Business

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I know that up here we loose all most all of our daylight, at our winter solstice we have about 3.5 hours of dusk and then it is dark again. It can be pretty depressing, the only time we really shut down though up here is when it warms up and rains. other than that 12in of snow is no big deal.

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So John is 10 below zero a balmy winter day?


We might throw on a hoodie!! -10 to -20 is pretty standard in the December through February months with a few weeks or -40 and 2-3 days of -50 to -60. Right now we are having one of the warmest winters on record, we only had about 3 weeks of -40. At those temps cars dont start unless plugged in and the cold doesn't feel cold really but more numbing and it hurts.


Fairbanks, North Pole, FT WainWright and Eielson AFB are all in the interior of Alaska where we dont get as much snow up to about 3.5 feet over a winter but we get pretty cold. Prudhoe Bay where is oil pipe line is and they will have -40's with 30MPH winds, they also have 30 days of darkness and leave their trucks running 24/7.


Summer time in Alaska makes up for all of it though, the fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities are all 100% worth it.

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