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Sears Closing 100 US Stores And Auto Centers

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Well that sucks. Sears has always been one of those department store repair shops that I get a lot of referral work from. Locally, they've had a tradition of parts swapping. They screw it up and then give up...and then tell their customer to see me.


They were good advertisement for me. Gonna miss them. Now, those folks that use this sort of service from these department store repair shops will have to go elsewhere to get their cars looked at. I just hope the next place they go extends the referral work back to my shop as Sears has done in the past.


You know, ya gotta have those parts swapper shops around... makes for good business for other shops. I guess times are changing and maybe people are starting to realize the value of a trained technician and not somebody with just a name on his shirt and a Sears logo.


What am I thinking??? Seriously? Consumers getting wise? my bad.....

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It is my understanding that they are going through a major restructure to get their Sears Auto Centers separated away from their retail locations. The locations closing are not profitable and typically have been in their location for quite some time. These locations are in not so desirable areas and so thus there needs to be a change. Don't be surprised that in 2 to 3 years that they have increased their locations by 25% or more and in very desireable areas.


My .02



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