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Joe Marconi

AutoZone: Threat or does it fit a need?

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I am staying out in California at my sons place for the holidays. He was complaining to me that the dining room chair legs were loose, so being the mechanic that I am, I took a look. All the bolts loosen up. The heads of the bolts were Allen key style (hex heads). He did not have the right size, so we went out in search of a hardware store, but found an AutoZone on the way.


We found the right size hex key and went to the register to pay. This was a Sunday afternoon around 4pm. At the register counter was a line of people buying: Wiper blades, oil, air filters, oil filters, batteries, floor mats, car wax, shop rages, and asking questions about problems with their cars. These were not our customers.


But it made me think: Do the AutoZones compete with us? Are they really a threat? Or do they somehow fit a need that we cannot or should not fulfill?


Your thoughts?

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