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    I agree with you...

    Good old hydrometer when ever possible...Along with a carbon pile tester...
  3. Wow... I find I quite amusing how people bash certain auto parts suppliers and say that their employees are "wanna be mechanics " but yet those persons that bash on those parts supplier buy parts from them.arent those wanna be mechanics the same person that are selling you those parts ?? And NO I don't work for them..,it just irritates me to think that just because we may or think we know more than someone else in a lower position then us,we put them down..It is really dumb..And yes I was a wanna be mechanic.,, but you know what WE all was once A Wanna be.. And now we Are IT.. "THE BEST OF THE BEST"...i didn't,and WILL never Forget where I came from.. JUST SAYIN.... We just need To keep humble...
  4. AutoZone: Threat or does it fit a need?

    Sorry fellas,my meaning behind the words "I love my local autozone store" etc....is due to the fact that those customers who comes in to my shop and says "autozone people diagnosed it for me"and "they have this thingy that plugs into that stuff under the dash"Have you ever noticed those people faces when you bring out the real scanners?their first words are"wow,well that's not what autozone used" this is when the customer really realize that there is more than just a code number..This is when "I love it" cause that's when I can do my own diagnosis and troubleshooting and actually fix the real problems without throwing parts at it and save the customer some money and not to mention doing it honestly.we all have had customers come in to the shop and present us a print out of a DTC and all possible causes.i just had one of those customers Friday show up with a print out.a truck with lean codes and guess what the customer requested,,, O2 Sensor replacement (just because the print out says so)..BUT being professional technician with 28 years experience (18 years as a shop owner).After a few minutes of REAL diagnostic time with a REAL scan tool and a good ear,I could hear a vacuum leak. Yea,I really think the best scan tool for this job was the GOOD EAR,,LOL..So fellas don't get the wrong impression I love autozone cause when I finally fix the customers real problems my guys are automotive Heros to them,and I've gained a new customer and their trust,and we all know customers who trust us is a valuable customer.
  5. AutoZone: Threat or does it fit a need?

    I feel autozone is not a threat to me as a repair facility.autozone sells parts only.and Autozone probably makes more money selling parts than anyone of us as independent repair shops could ever make.I love my local Autozone parts store,they read customers engine codes for free,then those customers come to me to repair their check engine light.We should be thanking Autozone for "diagnosing" the problems.The more they diagnose The more I make..Thank you Autozone..And I don't think autozone employees are trying to PRETEND to be mechanics.and if you feel you shouldn't be available 7 days a week that's great.I thank you too, cause I get alot of NEW and good paying customers on Saturdays and Sundays..
  6. Dispatching work?

    Let me get this correct,you have 20 something NEW cars a DAY?...How long has these 20 something cars being coming in on a daily basis?..That's 100 NEW cars on a 5 day.
  7. Indentifix Identity Theft!

    Just image for a moment if there was no indentifix,(like the old days)...OR no Autoshopowners.com...I remember the days when real life experience and knowledge was the only thing you had.Those were the days when you really had to figure things out to repair vehicles,now all you need to do is type in a few keywords and get results.Man, I really do like technology,thanks to all these great websites,one of them being autoshopowners that make it possible for all independent repair shops to survive.With out the support or participation of "us" the independent repair shops and techs our industry (the independent shops)would not thrive..
  8. Handing Snap-on, Matco Salesmen

    But the way nmikmik, what do you mean by the "poor man truck".?
  9. Handing Snap-on, Matco Salesmen

    It's totally ok with me(the shop owner),when those "tool trucks,which by the way is snap on and matco" come by to the shop and my techs will spend 15 minutes on the "truck"..Even IF the customer is waiting..After all my techs are buying quality tools which will make their jobs easier thus in return making them more effecient.I wouldn't want my techs NOT having quality tools.Just think of the problems there would be if techs had crappy tools and rounding nuts and bolts or even worst breaking bolts...If shop owners don't want their techs on the trucks maybe the shop owner should provide all the necessary tool required for all jobs..I'm fortunate that my techs will spend only a few minutes on the "trucks".My techs are responsible enough to know that 15 minutes on a tool truck is too long to get their business done.
  10. Indentifix Identity Theft!

    Sorry to say but,information is just really a GOOGLE search away and..... It's free!!!.Btw don't forget about YOUTUBE.....I agree Google and YouTube won't substitute for actual repair information OR real actual EXPERIENCE..But it's no secret,repair info for anyone is available for anyone...This kind of information can be wrongly interpreted in the wrong way by inexperienced persons(the customer).This kind of info such as car owners "forums" really effects the professional auto shops and their techs..How many times have you heard the saying "I know the problem my car is having,I've searched it on you tube and it can't be that hard" ?....or what about the ole saying "I could do it but I don't have the tools"....But yes persons who steal identitys for paid subscriptions are truly scum..