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The "Gravy" Tech

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I'm only 29, but I did start my automotive career at 16. Advancement and knowing the latest training has always been my number one goal. I am now the lead tech at my shop. Then you have the gravy tech, which seems to be filling the bays up more and more. The guys that don't care about training, don't care about the warranty job, and always seem to avoid the "challenging" repairs. You can't fire them because it's to busy OR you can't find the next quality technician to make your team more successful which seems to be more harder to find.


For management it's great, here is a guy we can pay 10.00 per hour, that does nothing but flushes, alignments and brake jobs, and makes the shop profit. For us technicians, it's being stuck with the nightmare electrical problems and diagnostic problems, trying to scrape up every possible hour to make ends meat.


I'm not really directing this to the younger guys that are just starting out in there career, but the guys that have been doing this longer than me, or even longer.


How do you guys handle these kinds of employees, to me it just seems like they will never change and always get away with the way they work.

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