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  1. Spence


  2. You can balance to .1 oz and still have a bunch of vibration from road force variation. We do that and check the 1st. 2nd and 3rd harmonics on all tire/wheels we do as well as lateral force. I wasn't wondering but I also race. Drag and road racing. Spence
  3. Now we are getting somewhere! Going back to reply #32 I thought I would make it easier to get a response to these to help move this along. 1.Thank you for your offer but correct me if I am wrong. With a paid membership the ads are still there, it's just me that doesn't see them and the public still can read the responses. Is that correct? At least for me this way takes away from the value. I know it has held me back from at least a half dozen posts I would of made about how brakes are seviced, handling customers looking for finacing and others. 2.What else is extended wit
  4. Thanks again for the effort Alex. I hope this clears up more how I feel and maybe others as well. Have a good day.
  5. Thanks Alex for your response. Lets take a look eh... You seem to narrow in on two so you say. Lets start with what you mention above. In the sceam of things you and the "co-founders" seem to feel a need to help "Auto Shop Owners". Hell it's the title of the website. I get a flood of thoughts on just this thought. 1. Does it help them when the public can peer in on thoughts that an "Auto Shop Owner" feels and wishes to discuss without having the public view it until he or she has a handle on the thought. I don't see where it does. 2. Is it constructive when again "Auto Shop Owners"
  6. I agree. Having industry related people involved with discussions is worthwhile outside of that I don't think it's constructive.
  7. Cool so I got you to think. So if you have a "CHEAP" consumer... And they installed this crap... For the sake of conversation the leak is a hose... So you drain the half charge left in this system into your equipment, You replace the hose. You did a proper repair and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant but being as the evaperator and/or the condensor is not functioning correctly due to being clogged... This system doesn't cool properly... Now just who do you think this CHEAP CONSUMER is going to blame for what they feel was a poor service because they now paid f
  8. Sean thanks for your comments. I am glad you made them instad of just a rant. I looked at the title of the thread and not you phynny's opening post. I gave my views on what I might be look for here and whom I would wish or not wish to view my comments. Just as you may not wish to have your tech's venting their views about you. I will limit my comments (and others may also) about what they would say being as this website is being viewed by people that do not have an proper perspective of where an "Auto Shop Owner" is coming from. I would have ideas on how it could maybe be set up but does i
  9. Don't mean for it to be a trick question. It was meant to make you think. By answering it you will have come to the conclusion made by your own answers instead of me just saying this is the way it is done. Hell you might not like the way I say it is done and who am I to say something should be done that way in the first place. So if I comment and we discuss it I might turn the light bulb on in your head to a thought of how you want to handle it. Now to get back to my question. If the leak is not fixed the car probably is low on refrigerant and not cooling as the consumer wants on the hot d
  10. Another part of your comment is more then likely true as well. You say it didn't work, Explain what you mean by it?
  11. Seems you may have a handle on this... So now the question isssssss... Do you want this kind of person as a customer?
  12. Wes lets think about it for a minute or two here. Just who do you think would put this sealant crap in?
  13. Seemed like the woman were enjoying it a bit to much...
  14. We have used the Neutronic's system for a little over two years now. Have caught more then a half dozen with the sealent in the vehicle system before we hook up. I will not let our guys hook up without testing and if they find any trace they are instructed to not hook up any other A/C equipment, I would recommend purchasing the tester and using it. Spence
  15. In what way Sean? The issues those have posted seem clear to me and not muddled at all. If someone has a thought and/or is frustrated how would one handle it?

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