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  1. Mechanics and technicians need to start and join a UNION for better pay and benefits and if the shops can't handle it they should close up and open a pizza place or a bar. Let the big chains and dealers handle it. Too many greedy mom and pop shops.
  2. Mechanics use to be payed 50% of the labor and some got paid a smaller percentage of parts. The cost of doing business has NOT gone up that much! Something is wrong with the system. Mechanics/ technicians are getting cheated. The shop managers and shop owners are being told how their shops should be run by all these professional business advisors and their software management systems and they use the "numbers" to beat over the head of mechanics. In addition there is this whole expectation that they have to totally up to speed on all the new cars and technology. The shop owners and managers n
  3. What kind of benefits do you have? Do you expect the mechanics to provide their own special tools and scanners? Do you expect your mehanicd to work on Saturdays? Do you have a retirement plan for your techs? Do you have a nice House and cars for you your wife and kids? Send you kids to college? Are your mechanics barely getting by. Do you even care?
  4. How do you guys get away with such low pay!!?? I have to pay a minimum of $20 per clock hour, IT IS THE LAW!!
  5. Autel maxisys does a fairly good job on Asian makes. If you are on a budget try ebay for consult 3 and or 4 for starters, if you plan on doing programming I reccomend drew tech for all makes.
  6. I like the Autel Also, have the DS708, it is pretty good on Euro, ok on Asian and domestic. Would like to get the maxisys mini or other newer autel. I like the big screen on the OTC/EVO scanners, Like the Tech 2.
  7. Yes, problems with those batteries. I keep an extra new one for WHEN I am going to need it, Not IF I am going to need it. I have a Genisys 4.0 (2009 Dom/Asian/2010 Euro) with scope module I keep for dedicated lab scope and back up scanner in addition to my other line up(Snap on Solus/Autel ds708). Got to Radio Shack or check them online. They use to carry a RC(Radio Control) 9.6 volt package with a charger stand for about $15. I bought 2 of them when they were closing stores. Also, you could find one on ebay for a little more. Shop around ebay for better price. If you get one with out char
  8. I have a Genisys EVO 5.0 system with 2012 Dom/Asian/2011 Euro. Had a display screen that flickered then went dark. Inexpensive and easy fix. http://lcdpanels.com/cmc-gg1790dfcw-n-e-v1/ $129 minus 15% off and free shipping.
  9. Some "customers", usually men, have a certain obstinate false pride about having to pay for car repairs and especially diagnosis. It's a mentality that we all have to deal with from time to time. Sometimes it is better to just "cut bait" and let it go. After many years in the business I can tell in the first few minutes of talking to a new customer(in person or over the phone) if this is somebody I even want to do business with. I have the right to refuse to do business with whomever I choose. My automotive repair shop is not a public service. I do not owe anything to anybody that calls out th
  10. MAF - VE(volumetric efficiency)calculator. Look it up online or IATN website. Make sure and do it right with correct info entered(humidity, elevation, metric measurement of MAF grams per second from your road test recorded scan data, ect). Faulty MAF clue; p0171 bank 1 too lean AND p0174 bank 2 too lean codes together on a v6 or v8 engine, especially off idle(no manifold vacuum leaks). P0171 only on a 4 cylinder. Verify no vacuum leaks, fuel pressure/volume, O2 response. Verify faulty MAF with VE test.
  11. Let me fill you guys in on some facts of LAW and it will give you an idea on what shop owners, dealers and auto repair companies and franchises have been getting away with(illegally). By the way, good pay and benefits and job security WILL "attract quality people". In California, the law requires an employer to pay a mechanic TWICE the minimum wage, which currently would be 18 dollars an hour. Automobile Mechanics/Technicians Must Be Paid For Every Hour On-Duty. Many automobile mechanics are paid based on a flat rate basis. This means that the mechanic is paid based on vehicles repai
  12. I stop working. Say Hi. Go get a cup of coffee or a soda. If they don't get the hint, I just have the service desk people get them out.
  13. I get it. However, shop service folks that handle the phones just need to know how to talk to people and reason with them. "Sir, water pump costs about $$ to $$$. It is possible that something else is needed or more than just a water pump to fix it right. It might cost less or possibly more. Best thing to do is have us check it out for you first. Come on by!" I can tell you a lot customers, especially men, do NOT like paying for a "diagnosis". add it in to the labor cost for the job, but always pay the tech/mech for time spent "checking it out"( diagnosis) whether the job is approved or n
  14. Better pay and benefits. Better working conditions. Respect. Stop with the "we need Mr. so and so's car done by such and such a time because he is a good customer or she is a friend of ours".....does not matter. give the technician proper tools, equipment, supplies and good quality parts to do a professional job and it gets done when its done, no sooner.
  15. typical ignorant "attack" the truth response from some random a hole greedy shop owner. no fail here chump ricer. take the blue pill punk.

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