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Joe Marconi

ASE As A Job Requirement?

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I require all techs to be ASE certified. For me, it's the only standard that is somewhat universal. I don't really do it as a consumer marketing point, but I do think that techs need to able to pass some test criteria. Different level techs have different requirements, if you want to be an A tech in my shop, you need to become a ASE Master Tech. We help the techs with prep books, training and in-house study groups. I also believe that it's good for moral and great career path reasons.


Techs must pay for the tests upfront and WHEN they pass (notice I said when, not if), they get all the money back, plus an $25.00 bonus for each test passed.


Also, all service advisors must be certified in C1 (Service Consultant)


Do other shops have a ASE or other certifcation policy?

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      ASE certification is a requirement in my shop, with the techs and with service advisors.
      We started holding study groups at lunch and after work to insure that techs and advisors were studying. I attended a few of these study groups and help to tutor the group. We just started this and the test scores were amazing. The interaction of the group makes a difference. The group also took practice tests and we reviewed the tests and the answers. Just thought I would pass this along.
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