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MaxxTraxx Pro - Anyone using it?

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Anyone using MaxxTraxx Pro in their shop? I think I read a post or topic somewhere about someone using it. Just curious if anyone is or if they ever evaluated the features and benefits of the software. I met one shop manager that swears by it, but that's it really. I know it's developed by a company called Scott systems.

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Anyone using MaxxTraxx Pro in their shop? I think I read a post or topic somewhere about someone using it. Just curious if anyone is or if they ever evaluated the features and benefits of the software. I met one shop manager that swears by it, but that's it really. I know it's developed by a company called Scott systems.

I use it at my job ,I fill in when the boss is away , so i dont know of the "BOOKS" part of it but my employer is a strict business guru so if it is up to his standards it must be good (he has it in 4 stores but is not linked together). As for as the SHOP part it is pretty simple to use and very easy to find items that you need. You must be hooked to internet for support but not to use it. I wish i could help you more but this is my view. (Ironicly i am looking for some starting software for my new shop i feel that maxxtraxx is a little to dense for me to get strarted on until i can find a good bookkeeper

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I've been using maxxtraxx for about four years and am pretty happy with it. They have really good tech support if I ever jack something up. I like it better than Mitchell or alldata manage. Seems more intuitive to me.

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Wes, what are you using?

Nothing "professional" right now. We will be acquiring one of the following in February. Got the following pricing:


Mitchell1 - $209/mo includes OnDemand


R.O. Writer - $13k up front, $99/mo. Only reason I am entertaining this one is that everyone who uses it swears by it. Their demo was good but not $13k up front good.


Yes Pace Software - $3700 up front, $99/mo.


Likely going Mitchell but would love to hear some more about MaxxTraxx. I'll be investigating this hard until we buy. My ideal software is what Firestone was using with full integration of AllData and Identifix built in. The software worked amazing with no dual entries of vehicle information any where.

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They are charging me $96/mo. using their integrated credit card processing (which has also been a good experience), no upfront costs. That also includes the bookkeeping part of the program where you can do payroll and print out tax reports and forms, and keep your bank registers, etc. I think it's less if you don't need that part.

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I have been evaluating software and I am very impressed with Omnique. I like it better than Mitchell.


Would you mind elaborating on this a bit with some pros/cons vs. Mitchell? I am very interested to hear some details on this, especially from someone that has been "hands on" with the software and not just a demo.

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I'm looking at MaxxTraxx and Omnique. I've played with Omnique a little bit and a few things seem more difficult to do (e.g. modeling out subcontracted work, automatic replenishment orders for keeping stocked inventory supplied without having to manually order, etc). Also hard in the Demo to figure out what is additional paid Add-Ons vs what would be included with the Basic Plan that we'd like to start with. A *BIG* plus is the support is excellent (Monique is great!) and the system is pretty easy to use and setup.


I haven't played with MaxxTraxx yet, but comes highly recommended. The downside of having installed on individual workstations and not being able to access from home is a downside for me (e.g. I'd prefer a cloud based solution).

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A big downside to MaxxTraxx is the hurdles you have to go through to get setup with a Demo version. Having some experience setting these kind of systems up it would be nice to just download the Demo and play around with it and not have to go through all sorts of signing releases, FAXing signatures, etc. Just let experienced folks (or those who are tech savvy) experiment. I may not use MaxxTraxx just for this reason since I can instead be well on my way demoing a different system by the time I would otherwise go through their process.

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I used MaxxTraxx since before it was MaxxTraxx, it started life as MotorTraxx. Used MaxxTrax until I sold my shop in 2009 Loved it and if I had my own way I would be using it hear at the shop that I run now. We use Mitchel 1 here its ok but lacks some features that would be nice. I was a Beta tester for Maxx. Yes all the guys at Maxx are nice guys easy to work with.

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