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Good Afternoon. The shop is considering changing management software we are currently using Mitchell and Autovitals for dvi. We are looking for a all in one package that will help with efficiency and productivity in the shop and office. The bouncing back and forth between Mitchell and AutoVitals is becoming a nuisance. Wanted to see what other shops are using and how they like the cloud based system that most companies are going to now. 

thanks in advance 

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 We just changed over from RO Writer and their dvi system to Protractor and Auto Serve 1.

I've been using RO Writer since 1998 and I like Protractor better. 

A couple of suggestions; All the pos system sales people know where their limitations are and wont 

mention them. They will highlight all the good things and after you sign with them you will hit the limitations

or functions that they don't do.Make a list of everything that is a must have and really question them on these items.

As far as a DVI system review the ones that you like and make a list, then include your staff and use them to make the choice

of which one to go with .They will all let you use/test  them. If your staff doesn't like the you choose you will face a much harder time of 

implementing the new system and getting them to use it.


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On 12/26/2021 at 10:14 AM, xrac said:

The most popular shop software products currently seem to be Tekmetric or Shop Boss. 

We use Tekmetric. Nothing but positive things to say about it. Additionally, it's 3rd party integrations are super helpful. Would suggest Tekmetric to any owner looking to make a change in shop software.

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I started with tekmetric late last year. I never had a customer say "I really like your RO system" until I started with tekmetric. Now I hear those words a couple times a week. I never thought my RO system could end up being a customer retention tool, without actually being a customer retention tool.

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