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  1. I started my shop in 2014 and bought a Autel MaxiDas. It worked great but then upgraded to the Maxisys Mini and it was awesome. Since Vision 2019 I upgraded to the Autel MaxiSys Elite. Really like it. For the price and capability I don’t think you can beat Autel. I buy my scan tools through AE Tools in Kansas City so if I have any issues I get awesome support. Just my $.02
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  3. I’m probably out in left field but I’ve been using Square for 4 plus years and get along great. I know it costs a bit more but it’s so simple. No hidden fees, no contracts and no machine rental.
  4. A tool that works really great for seized bolts and nuts is an induction heater. They are faster and there’s no open flame. Of course they don’t fit every situation but they really work super. I use mine a lot. I believe mine is the “Bolt Buster “
  5. Is anyone using Direct-Shop or Direct-Shop Elite by Identifix? I checked them out at Vision and was impressed but not sure if it's what fits my operation. Seems overkill. If you are using Direct Hit the Directshop is $130 a month. I'm a one man operation and use Direct Hit ($179 monthly) and Quickbooks desktop. Not ideal I'm sure but I've made it work.
  6. I haven't been a member here long but am enjoying the different discussions. I don't know if what I'm about to say fits but I was impressed with the idea. I was at Vision last month and took a management class and the instructor owns her own shop in Vermont. They offer their customers a kind of VIP program that I found interesting. The customer can choose an amount per month to put away, for example $100 toward future repairs at the shop. They give the shop their credit card info and every month she charges x amount and keeps it in a separate account and then applies it as they have repairs. If they sign up for it she gives them a 5% discount. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. One of her customers has several kids and the family has 5 vehicles so she has her charge her card for $500 each month. I guess you could say she is being a kind of bank for them. You could say it's financing but with a different twist. As a shop owner one thing that I notice about people is very few if any, put money away for repairs.

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