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bulk oil pricing?

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      I just recently lost 2 techs and I'm in the process of looking to replace them. The problem is there is way more jobs then there is workers, and it is causing all the employers to pay outrageous hourly wages here. For example one of my employees daughter made  $16.00 an hour to watch cheese go by on a conveyer belt this past summer.  Now I have done some research with 3 other of my companies locations with in an hour away from me and its seems they are paying about $6.00 an hour less then where I need to be according to what my competition is paying here in town.  Is there anybody else out there that is seeing this in other areas and how in the heck do I explain this to my main office?  

      By CAZM, in General Automotive Discussion

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    • Paying Flag Rate

      Hello All,   I am going to hire on a new technician in a few weeks here and it will be the first time I am considering paying them flag hours. I have adp payroll processing so they take care of all the taxes and things of that sort for all the employees that are hourly. With flag rate hours, how are the taxes taken out for this particular type of wages for the technicians weekly check? I would appreciate all the insight I can get that way when the time comes I am very prepared.   Thanks again for your help   Henry

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    • Paying Techs For Taking Training Classes?

      For all you shop owners who send your technicians to training, do you pay only for the class itself or do you pay the technicians his hourly rate for the hours he attends the class? I want to encourage my technicians to continually improve their skills and it seems like they would be losing hours if I did not pay them out for the hours they would have been here instead of in a training class. How do other shop owners handle this situation?

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    • what is a realistic number of labor hours charged for a 40 hr per week tech

      I have 2 great,hard working techs. Our car count is fairly consistent at about 45 cars per week. We use a worksheet to check out every vehicle that comes in and we sell a lot of recommended work from those inspections. We consistantly produce about 55 hours total per week. Is it really realistic to achieve 80 hours for these two techs?

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    • Customer questions labor hours charged

      Hello all,   We recently had a customer question the amount of hours charged to install a part. The customer insisted that we follow what the "book" calls for and nothing more. When we tried to explain to the customer that the book is not always 100% correct on labor hours. He then questioned our expertise in the field stating that he has a "bunch of amateurs working on his vehicle". Wow, really?   Its somewhat unpredictable if a bolt will break off, needs to be retread/retapped,or any additional parts that need to be replaced.     How would you handle a customer like this?

      By CAautogroup, in Auto Repair Shop Management Help? Post Here!

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