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  2. Hello, I am considering changing my business name as within past 6 months we have converted into mainly a truck and jeep lift kit, tire and wheel, and select auto repair and also accessories. My name currently is Defiance tie and auto. Defiance is the location. I want something more geared towards our unique specialties ( I think) so I can market this and grow. This is simply the best profit maker and general awesome thing we love to do. Before we were working on old vehicles for pennies and now we charge premium rates for most services. Any idea on names, experiences will be appreciated. W
  3. I havent posted here in awhile figured id might get some insight. I am 27 years old, Been in business for 4 years. Over the last year i just feel like ive run out of gas. I am getting depressed, Not interested in working on cars or the business. Its taken a toll on it. Very close tk losing it, I do not want that. Any ideas on what to do? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Hello all, I have been working my butt off the start of 2017, how about you? Ive specifically have been working on my online prescence. Ive been on facebook, google ads, etc.. But i have not made a website for my business. Id like to be able to highlight areas of what we do, as well as inform our customers of new trends in automotive etc.. What are you currently using for website and why, and if you would want to share yours id love to see them. Thanks all, god bless and keep going
  5. Hello all, I dont post much but just curious if anyone out there is buying wholesale chinese tires and where they are getting them from, customer service etc.. I am currently getting out of the used tire business (Too many comebacks a month later for leaks or junk) so i am looking to purchase low end tires to fulfill the need for the bottom feeders that are looking for used tires. If anyone has any leads that is greatly appreciated.
  6. My buy price on a mastercraft mc440 size 225/60/16 is 54.00 the same size in Westlake brand is 49.00 it just doesn't make since for me to sell a Chinese tire that's only 5.00 cheaper
  7. I have been approached by the westlake/Nanyang but they are only a few bucks cheaper then my Mastercraft line so I didn't see the point. The original poster said numbers that made my head spin. Would love to purchase tires that cheap.
  8. If I may ask, where did you find the china made tires at? I have a lot of customers interested in those and I do not have a source
  9. Anyone use worldpac? How does that stack up against box stores?
  10. I get flyers in the mail about synchrony. nobody ever contacts me.
  11. With a check hold system, You pretty much get all your money right there, you just stretch it out over a few months instead of one lump sum.
  12. There is a shop 40 miles from here. They Take a 350 set of tires and charge 900 for them stretched out over 6 months. I think its a check hold program?
  13. Hello all shop owners. An idea hit me last night that may help me get above my competition in town for tire. In house financing new ones. I was wondering if anyone else was doing this? Looking for information on handling payment dates, Interest, etc.

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