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  1. Bob Dowie

    Bob Dowie

  2. I went with a local small operation that gives us great service. I was able to fire the national chain with no problem by making notations on their invoices when they didn’t deliver as promised. When they threatened to sue I pointed out the unaddressed issues that were noted. Never heard from them again.
  3. Hi Junior, Thanks... I guess we'll wait to get the authorization from Systech, although I'm not too confident that e-mail will ever show up. Listening to your problems we might be better off waiting. See Ya, Bob Village Auto Works Chester NY
  4. Thanks Joe, We'll get it on line early next week. If time allows please post here if you have any issues. Thanks again, Bob Village Auto Works Chester NY
  5. Hi Guys, We have received the equipment, unpacked and initialized it and packed it back up based on the idea it couldn't be used till 12/1/13. We then got a phone call telling us we could start using it early and we will receive an e-mail with directions on set up. The e-mail never showed up even after a couple of phone calls. Did you folks have the same experience, or did you just start using the new equipment with no special directions? Thanks, Bob Village Auto Works 1137 Rte 17M Chester NY

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