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Mitchell Social CRM

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I'm looking for feedback on Mitchell's Social CRM service and open to other CRM services (other than Kukui). I'm currently with another CRM company and so far I am not that impressed. They are doing a good job, however, I am not seeing a ROI that outweighs the cost. So I am looking for a possible replacement and Mitchell was the first to catch my eye.


Things I am looking for -

1. Website design

2. Social media management (Facebook and Google+, mainly)

3. Customer reviews

4. Email campaigns

4. Optional - online advertising (Google/adwords, bing, yahoo, etc).


Mitchell gave me an online demonstration of their social CRM program today, however, it felt like they were almost seeing how fast they could go through the presentation. Thus, I'm looking for actual customer feedback or recommendations of other companies who offer similar services.


Any and all feedback, suggestions, ideas, tips, tricks, and recommendations are appreciated.

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