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Brake pad and rotor ordering

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Aloha everyone. I have few questions. I am mostly a MB guy was at the dealer for 15 years and now opened my own shop recently. From doing side jobs before I know for MB what pads and rotors don't squeek. And for MB I usually order from world pac. But since I am on my own now and taking in all makes and models and all the way in Hawaii I was wondering for other makes what brand pads and rotors do you guys use that don't squeek. To me it's embarrassing when a client comes back in 2 months with brake Squeek. I don't have a lathe so I would replace rotors if necessary. In Hawaii we have O Rielly and Napa who I can source from if I need it that day. But what brands of pads and rotors do you guys use that don't Squeek? Mahalo

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