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This topic has been fresh in my mind the last couple weeks, billy bob's backyard repair has been advertising absurdly low prices in my area. I rationalized every possible way to complete with him on price without ruining my reputation or my customers vehicles and came up short. This dude charges $20/hr you bring your own part. Theres a few guys working there too. I saw the same thing when I ran a towing service, bob's wrecker service $25 any tow any time up to 25 miles. They are like mosquitos at the BBQ one burns out and a new one takes its place.


I've tried to just not even think about it, but its frustrating to have to explain why I'm 5x this cowboy's price over and over again. Workers comp, liability ins, service manuals? Professional service equipment? No way unless the magic free fairy lives there.


What are your thoughts?

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