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Tips and tricks to help increase shop profits and save time.

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Thousands of Shops Can Be Wrong

  • Over 100 of the most used service categories
  • Hundreds of pre-built jobs, service descriptions & labor notes
  • The most accurate reporting possible
  • More effective appointment scheduling
  • More accurate estimates

Your shop needs a powerful management system to produce the level of efficiency and accuracy necessary for growth. To achieve this the old manual way, you need considerable time and patience when learning how to prepare it for use. With Jump Start, all that and more is solved!

How to Get Jump Start:

Follow these instructions...

*Available for Manager SE/ShopKey SE users only*



How To Attract Millennials to Your Shop

Making auto repair shops profitable can seem like squeezing water from a rock... Some shops resort to raising prices, instead of increasing their customer base. We've created a Free eBook that tells you how to tap into the fastest growing customer base in the country; Millennials.

The stereotype of the lazy Millennial (born 1980-1995) has caused many people to disregard this generation when it comes to trying to get their money. Do they all live in their parents’ garage? Are they only interested in clothes, coffee, video games, and the internet? The answer is... not really.

Millennial Money Exists
Contrary to popular beliefs, Millennials are employed, spending money, and buying cars. The average young driver's finance term lasts longer than their finance terms, so someone has to work on their vehicle. Why not you? Are you taking active steps to attract - and retain - their business?

Since Millennials are waiting longer to start families, and usually avoid credit cards if they can, they have cash on hand. That cash can go towards instant gratification buys, but it also goes towards their needs... but only if they see a value in the purchase. e.

Why (and How) to Market Your Auto Repair Shop Online
Did you know, according to Barkley, Millennials have come of age in the time of crowdsourcing, where large groups of people are entrusted to provide solutions more effectively than could an individual, so it feels natural to them to gather as much information as possible before making decisions.

Millennials, like non-Millennials, also consult blogs, company websites and professional review sites to help them make purchasing decisions. This behavior isn’t solely driven by the price of the item. If your shop isn't on Facebook, isn't being reviewed on Yelp!, or doesn't even have an up to date website, you are missing out on money.


Selling Maintenance & Repair Services to Millennials
Getting Millennials to come into your shop is one thing, but getting them to approve services is completely different. You can try and justify your repair costs by explaining how their vehicle works, but it would be so much easier to send them photos using digital inspection software. You can slap a lube sticker in their windshield, but are you sure they aren't going to just pull into the nearest "Super Duper Fast Lube" next time?
This eBook has the answers. Click the image below to download your copy today.



BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s digital multi-point inspection software was selected as an innovator in the computers and software category of the Professional Tools & Equipment News (PTEN) magazine annual Innovation Awards.

Mobile Manager Pro auto repair software was chosen from a pool of 117 product nominations. In all, the magazine chose 26 products from 21 companies as innovation award winners for 2015.

Nominees were evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of technician and auto repair shop owners. According to the announcement on the Website, “the PTEN Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative products introduced in the last year to the automotive aftermarket. These tools, introduced or significantly updated within the last year, are evaluated based on their ability to make vehicle diagnosis and repair easier and more efficient, and make shops more productive.”

To read more about Mobile Manager Pro or the PTEN award, click here: http://www.boltontechnology.com/mobile-manager-pro-receives-innovation-award/index.html


With summer still very much in force, fall is already shaping up to be busy as our team prepares to meet you - and your repair shop staff - at five tradeshows in the coming weeks and months.

Of those, four shows will be happening within the span of eight days.

Here’s an overview of where we will be and what you can expect. Be on the lookout for more detailed information as events get closer:


1. From Sept. 24 through Sept. 26, Frank Dragoni, our Director of National Sales and Corporate Partnerships will deliver the keynote address at the First Annual Platte River Rendezvous in North Platte, Nebraska. This event is for Mitchell 1 Shop Manager SE customers only. National Sales Manager Mike Guerriero will join Frank at this tradeshow, which also features sessions on boosting revenues and efficiencies.


2. Frank and BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY CEO Mike Risich will then head to the National PRONTO Fall Shareholders Conference from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 in Chicago, Illinois.


3. Immediately from there, Frank and Mike Risich will join our partner Mitchell 1 at the Shop Management Workshop from Oct. 1 through Oct. 3 in Orlando, Florida. The training is designed for M 1 shop management users who want to learn more advanced functions, shortcuts and new features. The BOLT ON team will be on hand to demonstrate our products, show the full integration with Mitchell 1 systems and answer any questions.


4. As the Mitchell 1 workshop wraps up, we will be heading to the Automotive Service Association of Pennsylvania’s annual Super Saturday tradeshow on Oct. 3 near our greater Philadelphia company headquarters.


5. The grand finale of our fall travels is the AAPEX Show, held Nov. 2 through Nov. 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team will be on hand supporting our partners in multiple booths during the massive tradeshow, which hosts thousands of exhibitors and attendees each year.


Stay tuned for more information on our fall tradeshow schedule. Visit www.boltontechnology.com to stay up-to-date.


Ian Hanson’s German auto repair shop Ingolstadt West has seen its average repair order increase so dramatically that he said it’s too “hard to measure.”


That was not the case with ClearMechanic, the software that the shop had used before switching to BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY in December 2014.


Based on 819 digital multi-point inspections in the seven months his California shop has been using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Mobile Manager Pro, the shop’s ARO has jumped from $194.36 prior to inspections to $632.31 now – an increase of $437.95.


“The digital inspection part is the money maker,” Hanson said, adding that his technicians are on board with the mobile technology as well. “Technicians are using the electronic repair orders.”


Adding photos specific to the needs of the vehicle to the inspections has helped sell more services easier than before simply because the customer can see why repairs are needed.


“We use the photographs a lot,” he said. Once the inspections are complete, Hanson said his techs text it – along with photos – to customers.


Vehicle photos are used throughout the customer interaction and help to personalize the experience. When customers arrive and use the Welcome Station kiosk to check themselves in, a photo of their vehicle pops up on the screen.


To read more about Ingolstadt West's experience using Mobile Manager Pro, click here: http://www.boltontechnology.com/digital-multi-point-inspections-drive-shops-225-higher-ro/index.html


Our Mitchell 1 customers have been asking for years about the possibility of booking appointments by technician. Later this week, the long-awaited feature request will be available through Report Pro.

This is a huge improvement to the Mitchell 1 stock calendar. With the update, shops can book appointments by technician.

Service advisors will be able to easily manage a busy workday and ensure technician availability, which helps to improve productivity and leads to shops becoming more efficient.

Since blocks are color-coded by type – appointment, estimate, repair order or invoice – shop staff can quickly view by day, week and month. To reschedule appointments simply drag and drop the color-coded appointment blocks.

For now, the update is only available for Mitchell 1 customers. The Report Pro feature is planned for other shop management systems in the future. To locate the calendar update, simply launch Report Pro, select the Tools tab and from there choose the Advanced Scheduler. The software will notify you of the update once it is available.blogentry-1735-0-12249600-1436807168_thumb.gif

For more information on Report Pro, click here: Report Pro.


It was common for Holt Auto Service and Machine Shop Service Manager Mike Chase to leave a message for a customer and “wait, wait, wait” for a call back.

In the hours that typically followed until Chase talked to customers, the technicians wasted time taking vehicles down from lifts only to begin the seemingly unending cycle again with another vehicle.

Since the nine-bay shop began using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Mobile Manager Pro, customer communication – and repair work authorizations – have moved into the fast lane. Plus, the response from customers after receiving color-coded digital inspections and detailed vehicle condition photos has been “phenomenal,” Chase said.

“The response I get back from people is unbelievable. They can actually see what we’re seeing,” he said. “A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if they’re not buying everything, they can see it for themselves.”

In the days of simply telling customers what was wrong with their vehicles, Chase said, “You always wonder, ‘do they believe you?’ This way, there’s no question.”

To learn more about Mobile Manager Pro and how the digital multi-point inspection tool can improve day-to-day operations at your shop, click here: Mobile Manager Pro.


Our Mobile Manager Pro digital multi-point inspection tool will be discussed during the upcoming NACE/CARS Expo & Conference in Detroit, Michigan. The auto repair software will be referenced during our partner, Mitchell 1’s 90-minute training session, “Shop Management Unleashed.”


Tim McDonnell, Mitchell 1’s National Training Manager will lead the training on July 22 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the COBO Center during the annual event, which runs from July 21 through July 25.


Focused on optimizing repair shop efficiency, Tim will provide tips for Manager SE users to improve profit-generating potential and highlight solutions to maximize efficiency. Part of the discussion will center on how Mobile Manager Pro extends the shop management system into your shop’s bays and beyond.


Service advisors can use the tablet-powered, fully wireless auto repair software to meet a customer at their vehicle, scan the VIN or decode the license plate. From there, vehicle make, model, year and more auto-populates fields, saving time and guaranteeing accuracy of information.


The software fully integrates with the Mitchell 1 platform, meaning that any data input through the tablet transmits automatically into your shop management system, offering real-time two-way communication and eliminating double entry of information.


Shops that use Mobile Manager Pro have successfully built a better foundation of customer trust, particularly through the ability to take and text vehicle condition photos, along with color-coded multi-point inspections.


In addition to discussing our digital multi-point inspection tool, Tim will provide insight on configuring a work in progress screen; automating SMS functions; sharing repair order tips; and more. For more information on the topics Tim will discuss, click here.


If you go

Admission to the Mitchell 1 discussion is included with a CARS registration. The NACE/CARS Expo & Conference will be held July 21-25 at the COBO Center in Detroit, Michigan. The show features more mechanical specialty and technical training than in years past. For more information and to register, click here: NACE CARS.


At Bud Wildman’s Germantown, Md., shop, Precision Auto and Tire Center, digital multi-point inspections have replaced the previous paper and pencil versions. The paperless vehicle inspections are much more thorough, consisting of 10 vehicle condition photos, an in-depth color-coded report and a $525 average repair order.


“Would you rather slip through 20 cars and sell an ARO of $150 or go through five cars and sell an ARO of $600 each?” Wildman asked. “It takes more time to present the report when it’s done right.”


Since his shop began using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Mobile Manager Pro auto repair software in November 2014, Wildman, whose shop won the Automotive Training Institute’s Top Shop Award in 2014, said his average repair order has increased from roughly $380 to $510 with mobile technology. For new customers, that amount is oftentimes much higher, he said.


The shop, which generated $1.6 million last year, has an average car count of 72 to 80 per week. Wildman says he is currently tracking a 12% increase in gross sales this year and his average repair order continues to climb.


Three months after he began using the software, Wildman said a first-time customer authorized an $850 repair ticket minutes after reviewing the vehicle condition photos and accompanying report that the shop sent to her via text message.


“Her response was ‘how much to turn the bar green?’ ” Wildman said, referring to the color-coded Vehicle Health Rating. “She realized from the picture and the report that those items needed to be addressed.”


In all, “99.9 percent” of the shop’s customers receive inspections and photos by text message, with a few requesting email. Regardless of how the information is sent to customers, Wildman said “it instantly creates a trust factor,” particularly with new customers.


“The most powerful impact to the customer is being able to show them their car and what needs to be replaced and repaired,” Wildman said. “When service advisers send a report that’s well done, the questions are reduced and the trust becomes very strong. The customer can recognize what we’ve done for them. The service advisors, as they sell the jobs, spend more time preparing the presentation, but they spend less time talking to the customer.”


Prior to Mobile Manager, Wildman said inspections were done on paper and the shop had no effective way to communicate the urgency of repairs. Plus, Wildman said technicians are notorious for sloppy, unreadable handwriting – which is no longer an issue with the fully digital software.


The tablet-powered auto repair software features VIN scanning and license plate decoding, which automatically populates fields with vehicle year, make model and more. Data input through the tablet automatically transmits into the shop management system without any additional effort.


For more information, click here: Mobile Manager Pro.


When he’s not helping auto repair shops learn tasks to automate their business and become more efficient, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGYDirector of National Sales and Corporate Sponsorships Frank Dragoni, of Yardley, eats, breathes and sleeps baseball.


A Pennsbury Athletic Association baseball coach, Dragoni has been gearing up for the Philadelphia Friends of the V Foundation’s annual Jimmy V Home Run Derby, set for June 28 at Trenton Thunder Arm and Hammer Park following the Thunder’s 1 p.m. game.


The event pits high school baseball players from Pennsylvania against New Jersey players.


“The states kind of battle each other,” Dragoni said, adding that the competition is stiff. “The kids have to be able to hit the ball out of a major league stadium.”


The V Foundation was founded by Jimmy Valvano several months before losing his battle with cancer. Valvano had worked as an ABC/ESPN basketball commentator and analyst following a successful 15-year career as a college basketball coach in which he took his team to several NCAA appearances.


The Philadelphia branch of the organization gives 100 percent of the proceeds back to the organization, Dragoni said.


“It’s a great cause,” Dragoni said. “It’s rewarding to feel like we’re making a difference.”


To learn more

Dragoni’s V Foundation fundraising work is through the Philly Friends of V, a regional branch of the nationwide V Foundation. Check out this video to learn more about the Home Run Derby. Cost is $11. For more information or to buy tickets, click here.


About the V Foundation

The V Foundation was established in 1993 by Jim Valvano, who, a few months after its establishment, succumbed to his battle with cancer. Valvano had worked as an ABC/ESPN basketball commentator and analyst following a successful 15-year career as a college basketball coach in which he took his team to several NCAA appearances. The Foundation continues in his name with contributions funding cancer research and related programs.


To learn more about Bolt On Technology, visit www.boltontechnology.com,see our mobile innovations on YouTube, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.


Facebook and Google are constantly changing its algorithms making it more difficult for auto repair shops to gain traction online. Direct mail can be expensive and traditional advertising nets little returns.


So, what’s a shop owner to do?


Use your shop’s customer invoice to market your business.


Compared to other ways of promoting your business, creating a unique, customized invoice is by far the least expensive, quickest and easiest method of sharing information about your repair shop.


Tips for getting started on invoice customization

Including shop-specific information on your invoices is an effective way to not only spruce up the look of your bill, but to give your customers – especially first-time customers – a good impression of your business.


Chris Lapierre of Attleboro, Massachusetts-based Lapierre’s Auto Repair uses the Report Pro auto repair software solution to incorporate his shop’s logo, as well as Facebook and Twitter links.


“It makes it a little bit more personal,” he said.


1.Choose a theme

Report Pro offers 10 different invoice choices. Themes can be tailored to best suit your needs and range from simple to more advanced options. By-the-job invoicing is popular in instances where shops want to give a breakdown on multiple jobs.


2.Add your logo

After your business name, Website, address and phone number, your logo is perhaps the most important element of any invoice. It goes hand-in-hand with your shop’s name as one of the main ways for customers to identify your business.


3.Don’t forget color

Incorporating the color(s) used on your logo, signs and other related marketing materials helps to brand your business. Why go for black and white invoices when you can create more eye-catching colorful creations?


4.Get social!

Building your Facebook and Twitter followers just got easier with the inclusion of icons and/or links on your invoices. By putting this information at your customers’ fingertips it will be easier for them to find your shop online and follow your pages.


5.Ask for reviews

Including links to review sites like SureCritic makes it easy for your customers to quickly and easily review your business. Reviews are important as most new customers will scour review sites and read customer reviews before choosing a business.


6.Strengthen your brand with affiliates

Is your shop affiliated with a well-known auto parts retailer or auto repair leader? Including their logos on your invoice will help to build credibility with your customers, proving that your shop is reputable, in part, because of its partners.


7.Use coupons to build repeat service

Report Pro enables shops to include invoice coupons or provide package pricing for recommended services. Whether your shop chooses to discount the service is entirely up to you, but the appearance of a coupon gives customers the sense that they’re getting a deal, which dramatically increases the chances of repeat business.


Customizing your invoices – the sky’s the limit!

In reality, these tips are just skimming the surface. Report Pro provides more than 100 options for customization. To learn more about this auto repair software tool click here: Report Pro or call 610-400-1019.


Follow these tips to become more efficient this summer and every day


Even the most hardworking technicians and service advisors can sometimes find it difficult to stay productive – particularly during the dog days of summer.


These productivity boosting tips can help your team make the most of their work day, which means extra time to service more vehicles and increase profit margins.


1. Keep cool

As much as possible, try to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bays and in the shop. Try bringing in fans to circulate air if need be.


2. Hydrate

On days too hot for fans to make much of a difference, consider offering bottles of ice cold water or sports drinks. Not only will it help prevent dehydration, it also doubles as a morale booster.


3. Take breaks

It may seem counter-productive to offer technicians more breaks, but on super steamy days giving an extra few minutes for a break will help employees recharge their batteries.


4. Show appreciation

Acknowledge your team for a job well done. Letting your staff know you appreciate their hard work will go a long way in keeping them motivated and productive.


5. Communicate effectively

Communication cuts down on misunderstandings, duplicated efforts and in the end saves valuable time. An easy way to instantly let everyone in the shop know the status of customers’ vehicles is to share it on the team chat feature of Mobile Manager Pro. Doing so eliminates the need for techs to walk to the front of the shop to update the service advisor, which in turn increases efficiency.


6. Embrace digital

Implementing fully wireless multi-point inspections, for instance, dramatically cuts down on a technician’s time writing out recommended services through the software’s canned recommendations and canned jobs feature. Making technicians’ work life easier plays a major role in their ability and willingness to be productive.


For more information on boosting efficiency and productivity, visit www.boltontechnology.com or call 610-400-1019.


With the latest Report Pro requested feature addition, shops can more easily identify the status of vehicles being serviced.



BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s latest auto repair software release – which is available for Mitchell 1 customers – uses color-coded easy-to-read blocks showing vehicles that are unassigned, complete, in progress, waiting for parts and orders involving customers who are waiting.


Dubbed the WorkFlow Manager, the Report Pro upgrade takes Mitchell 1’s Work In Progress screen and presents it in a much more visual way to enable service advisors and technicians the ability to more efficiently manage their work flow.


The WorkFlow Manager’s biggest feature is its ability to quickly and easily change a status by simply dragging and dropping the item to a new category.


In addition, the tool features a Quick Actions function which allows for one-click tasks, including printing an estimate and sending a text message to a customer. Prior to

Quick Actions, these tasks took three or more steps to complete. As future updates are carried out, more Quick Actions will be added.


The WorkFlow Manager upgrade also includes the ability to filter by service writer and filter by technician.


The tool also displays charged hours and features a quick change status drop-down menu, among other advancements.


If the WorkFlow Manager added for Mitchell 1’s shop management systems continues operating smoothly, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s software development team will look into adding similar functionality as part of Report Pro’s integration with other SMS platforms. A date for this possible feature addition has not yet been determined.


Besides the WorkFlow Manager, shops are using Report Pro to help market their business with unique, easily customizable invoices with more than 100 options for customization, including a shop logo and color scheme, social media links and much more. The software solution, as its name suggests, also enables shops to create various reports, technician worksheets and more.


For more information on Report Pro, click here: Report Pro.


In an effort to provide a better overall customer experience, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY has decided to suspend its weekly live training sessions in favor of one-on-one training.


Offering individualized training allows auto repair shops to tailor sessions to focus on the product features of highest importance. In addition, this new one-on-one format provides shops with as much time as necessary to ask questions, see live demonstrations of their new auto repair software solutions at work and troubleshoot any problems that they may be experiencing.


Our Support Technician Warner Saxton will be conducting individual training sessions following software installation. Beyond that, customers can schedule training for as many of our products and as frequently as they like.


Shops can also arrange one-on-one refresher courses for any of our software solutions to learn about best practices for using our software tips that other shops have found to be successful and more.


Training is available for all of our products: Pro Pack (which includes Lube Sticker Pro, Message Manager and Report Pro); Mobile Manager Pro, Welcome Station and Pro Call.

To learn more about our training or to schedule your training, call us at 610-400-1019 or email [email protected].


Ratchet+Wrench featured our customer, 405 Auto, in its June 2015 issue.


A BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY customer since January 2013, 405 Auto is a power user of our Mobile Manager Pro auto repair software and our Welcome Station kiosk. In the article, the magazine dubbed 405 Auto a ‘Shop of Tomorrow’ for its heavy use of technology, both for tablet-toting technicians working in the bays; and at the front counter where customers are encouraged to use our automotive kiosk to check in for service.


Technology advancements have paid off for 405 Auto.


In 2014, the shop generated $1.4 million in revenue and a more than $1,400 average repair order, according to the Ratchet+Wrench article.


A cornerstone to improved customer confidence – and simplified shop processes – is the use of our tablet-powered customer check in kiosk. 405 Auto Owner Martin Kruszelnicki told us that our technology helped the shop become completely paper-free, in large part due to the interactive kiosk, which greets customers, asks them to update their contact and vehicle information and suggests both recommended and weather-related services.


Instead of long lines of customers waiting for front desk staff to check them in, Kruszelnicki said customers now spend 30 seconds checking in for appointments and drop-in service calls.


“Using Bolt On Technology we are able to save thousands of pages of paper and printing every year,” he said. “Customers love the paperless check-in system and our team enjoys technician tablets and electronic inspections and being more productive at the same time.”


Going green also earned 405 Auto recognition in Santa Monica, California’s Sustainable Quality Awards.


To simplify technicians’ workflow, 405 Auto uses our Mobile Manager Pro digital multi-point inspection tool. Techs use the tool to carry out inspections on every vehicle and to take vehicle condition photos. Inspection reports and photos are sent via email or text message to customers.


A time-saving plus of all of our auto repair software solutions is that it transmits automatically into the shop management system, eliminating the need for re-entry of information.


To read more about how 405 Auto became a ‘Shop of Tomorrow,’ click here to read the Ratchet+Wrench article.


We’re excited to join the Automotive Service Association of Arizona at its Automotive Training & Expo in Arizona Father’s Day weekend.

Mike and Frank will be on hand demonstrating to ASA Arizona members our auto repair software during the expo, which will be held at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino in Chandler, Arizona.



What’s in it for you?

Our team will offer an interactive presentation of all of our software solutions. Shops will be able to test drive our products, which fully integrate with leading shop management systems, including Mitchell1, ShopKey, NAPA TRACS, R.O. Writer and ALLDATA.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be showing:


Mobile Manager Pro helps shops save 10 to 15 minute per customer transaction with this fully digital multi-point inspection tool, which features VIN scanning and decoding, license plate decoding and full shop management system integration. Vehicle inspections and accompanying vehicle condition photos can be texted to customers for instant review and approval.


Welcome Station is the first-ever customer check-in designed specifically for the auto repair industry. It works like the kiosks used at airports, convenience stores, grocery stores and in restaurant chains. Within a matter of seconds customers check in, update their personal and vehicle information, choose vehicle services, review pre-programmed weather-related upsells and digitally sign to authorize work.


Pro Pack, a bundled package, consists of 3 automotive software solutions:


Lube Sticker Pro prints customer key tags and windshield lube stickers and helps build customer retention with advanced. The software uses a vehicle’s average miles driven to accurately predict when customers should return for routine services, including lube, oil and filter, coolant flushes, tire rotations and even annual state inspections.


Message Manager sends text message appointment reminders to customers who can reply to confirm or call the shop to reschedule. The text messaging tool also dramatically cuts down on waiting for customers to return phone calls authorizing service.


Report Pro lets your shop stand out from the competition with invoices customized to include a shop’s logo, color scheme, credit cards accepted, coupons, social media links and more than 100 other customization options. Shops can also create customized reports to evaluate specific areas, identify selected customer groups and more.


What can you learn?

In addition to learning how our auto repair software could help your shop become more efficient, ASA is offering nine hours of training classes geared for shop management, service advisors and technicians. Topics include online marketing, selling diagnostics and mastering electrical troubleshooting, among other discussions.

The training portion of the tradeshow is geared to offering insight on the challenges impacting ASA Arizona members – and beyond. For more information on the classes and training available, click here: http://www.asaaz.org/members/automotive-training.php.


More information

The Automotive Service Association of Arizona Automotive Training & Expo will be held from June 19-21 at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, 5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, Arizona. To register or to learn more, click here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07eam0xdul18bf4045&llr=t9katicab


The National Pronto Association today announced its endorsement of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, a leader in the development of innovative software solutions powering the independent automotive repair industry.


BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, since its founding in 2008, has created more than a dozen software modules which fully integrate with leading shop management systems, saving repair shop technicians and service advisors time through the use of automation.

Pronto has 95 independent wholesale distributors with 251 regional warehouses throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This network supports 59,000 service centers.


David Wofford, National Pronto Association Director of Sales and National Accounts, said the Pronto network is the perfect complement to BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s products, which are part of the Pronto Smart Choice Advantage. The Pronto Smart Choice Advantage also features a 24-month parts and labor warranty, online training and ASE certification reimbursement, as well as roadside assistance for customers, among other items.


Wofford lauded the partnership with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY as a way to provide “cutting-edge technology to service centers to make them more productive.”


“The shops are not unlike most companies where they’re always being asked to do more with less personnel,” Wofford said, adding that the company’s mobile technology enables shops to “communicate with the consumers under the consumers terms – which is email and text messaging.”


Frank Dragoni, Director of National Sales & Corporate Partnerships for BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, said that gaining Pronto’s “stamp of approval” would help increase awareness and ultimately reach of Bolt On’s automotive software solutions.

“We’re excited about this incredible opportunity to partner with such a remarkable leader in the automotive aftermarket industry,” Dragoni said. “Together we can make Pronto and BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY household names in the auto repair industry.”


After using our Mobile Manager Pro automotive software solution for a year, Jon Miller of Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas shot a video explaining how BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's mobile technology has helped his shop.


, Miller said the digital multi-point inspection tool has increased his shop's sales by 30 percent, upped his car count by 25 percent a month and eliminated the need to re-enter information from handwritten inspection sheets back into his shop management system.


"It's definitely changed the way we do things in the shop," Miller said. "Everything works flawlessly. I couldn't imagine going back to the way things used to be, back to what seems to be the stone ages with papers and pens."


Mobile Manager Pro, Bolt On's signature solution, in addition to going paperless with multi-point inspections and more, also enables repair shop techs to take and text vehicle photos to customers. The software - which fully integrates with leading shop management systems - comes fully equipped with the ability to create customized multi-point inspection forms and enter color-coded auto pre-canned technician notes right from the tablet.


To learn more about Mobile Manager Pro, click here. To learn more about BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and its other automotive software solutions, click here.



The BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY team will travel to Arizona and Las Vegas in the coming weeks to exhibit alongside partners, Mitchell1 and NAPA.


First up is the Mitchell 1 Shop Management Workshop, which is set for April 30-May 2 in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Whether you’re already a customer or contemplating expanding the capabilities of your Mitchell 1 shop management system, the Bolt On Technology team of Mike and Frank would be happy to answer any and all of your questions, hear your feedback on our products and share best practices for any of our vehicle maintenance software solutions. Mike and Frank will be available to meet and speak with shop owners in between Mitchell1 workshop sessions. Shops can also test drive our Pro Pack, Mobile Manager Pro and Welcome Station auto repair software solutions.


Then from May 5 to May 8 we'll share a booth with NAPA at the NAPA Expo in Las Vegas.

The annual expo is expected to bring out 14,000 people all with affiliations to NAPA, either through the NAPA TRACS shop management system or through NAPA parts stores. At the BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY/NAPA booth, staff will demonstrate Bolt On’s automotive software solutions and show how it fully integrates with the NAPA TRACS shop management system for effortless transmission of data.

For more information on our auto repair software products or either of the upcoming workshops visit our Website.



With the most recent time-saving feature added to Mobile Manager Pro, technicians can be assigned to a labor item, either per work order or an individual line item – right from the tablet and into your shop management system. The latest update works with Mitchell1 shop management systems only.

Now with the addition of the most-requested feature, service advisors no longer need to be at the desktop workstation to add or remove technicians from a work order.

And since assigning technicians to a work order is something that service advisors must do anyway, it made sense to enable this functionality from within Mobile Manager Pro. In addition to saving time through the elimination of unnecessary steps, the labor technician management feature helps to improve accuracy.

The new update helps to prepare for the release of a new time clock addition, which is in the works and will be released at a future date.

To read more on this latest Mobile Manager Pro update click here or call us at 610-400-1019.


All shops encounter customers who are hesitant to make vehicle repairs or keep up with scheduled maintenance beyond the lube, oil and filter service.

For skeptics, phrases like “do I really need that,” or “why can’t this wait” tend to follow the service advisor’s suggestions.

Ultimately, selling auto repair service – particularly to skeptics – is an art form. And just like any other profession, the seller, i.e. your service advisor, must have the best shop management system tools to succeed.

To effectively respond to a customer's objections, your service advisor needs 4 things:

1. Photo recommendations

2. Clear recommendations

3. Exceptional customer service

4. Empowering customers to choose vehicle services

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Diagnosing and fixing vehicles has gotten even easier for auto repair shops using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s Mobile Manager Pro digital multi-point inspection tool and Mitchell 1 SureTrack.


Our software developers today finished a new major feature enhancement, making Mobile Manager Pro the first and only application to fully integrate with the SureTrack vehicle diagnostic tool.


Shops using BOLT ON’s mobile technology have already been able to take advantage of time-saving VIN scanning and decoding, license plate decoding, canned jobs, canned recommendations, auto-populated inspection forms, text messaging and customer signature capture, among other efficiency-boosting features.


With this latest update and SureTrack integration, shops will be able to quickly search for the current vehicle’s commonly replaced components, common symptoms and diagnostic trouble code search. In addition, the SureTrack article, which is displayed in the concern, cause, correction format, can be viewed and optionally added as a note on the repair order.


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Photos aren’t just important for capturing memories. At auto repair shops, vehicle conditions photos show – in addition to tell – customers what repairs or maintenance is needed.

The number of shops taking photos and sharing them with customers is growing exponentially. Photos taken with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Mobile Manager Pro digital multi-point inspection tool have surpassed 400,000 – that’s double the number of pictures in our database in December 2014. We reached our first six-figure milestone in August 2014 when technicians took a total of 100,000 pictures while inspecting customers’ vehicles.

On average, shops take 3 photos per multi-point inspection. That number is a bit low. As a best practice, we suggest including 3 to 5 recommendations and 7 to 10 photos per inspection.

Recommendations + photos = higher repair orders

For auto repair shops, photos create a greater level of transparency, which helps to improve customer confidence. In addition, since vehicle condition photos are texted or emailed instantly, customers can see vehicle-related issues from their home, office or wherever they may be. It’s like visiting the shop remotely.

Seeing what needs to be done is powerful for selling services. Customers are able to view the photos and inspection when convenient for them and are empowered to take action. Click here to read more on the importance of photo-taking in auto repair.


BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY customer Martin Kruszelnicki has the “greenest” auto repair shop in all of Santa Monica, Calif.


Kruszelnicki, the Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Hybrid – The Hybrid Shop, attributes his shop’s use of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s shop management software as one of the reasons the city of Santa Monica selected his repair shop from a pool of 19 contenders to win the 20th annual Sustainable Quality Awards.


Santa Monica Hybrid – The Hybrid Shop won the Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment award.

Using Bolt On Technology we are able to save thousands of pages of paper and printing every year,” he said. “Customers love the paperless check-in system and our team enjoys technician tablets and electronic inspections and being more productive at the same time.”


Since May 2014 Kruszelnicki has been using Bolt On’s Mobile Manager Pro multi-point inspection tool, as well as Welcome Station, the first-ever customer check-in kiosk designed for the automotive repair industry. The fully wireless software solutions, which feature digital signature capture, text and emailing of customer vehicle inspections, photos and more, enabled the shop to go completely paperless almost a year ago.


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Do you have a shop management system in place at your auto repair shop? Are you contemplating adding or updating one?

If so, what do you want from your auto repair shop's software system? Not sure? We can help.

When it comes to shop management systems, so many options are available it can be mind-boggling. Knowing what you need your auto repair software to do, what features you need and how it benefits your auto repair shop are just a few of the things that should be considered.

To help better understand this process we have compiled a list of four questions to consider. To read more, click here.