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Service Manager Shares how Mobile Technology Improves Customer Communication



It was common for Holt Auto Service and Machine Shop Service Manager Mike Chase to leave a message for a customer and “wait, wait, wait” for a call back.

In the hours that typically followed until Chase talked to customers, the technicians wasted time taking vehicles down from lifts only to begin the seemingly unending cycle again with another vehicle.

Since the nine-bay shop began using BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Mobile Manager Pro, customer communication – and repair work authorizations – have moved into the fast lane. Plus, the response from customers after receiving color-coded digital inspections and detailed vehicle condition photos has been “phenomenal,” Chase said.

“The response I get back from people is unbelievable. They can actually see what we’re seeing,” he said. “A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if they’re not buying everything, they can see it for themselves.”

In the days of simply telling customers what was wrong with their vehicles, Chase said, “You always wonder, ‘do they believe you?’ This way, there’s no question.”

To learn more about Mobile Manager Pro and how the digital multi-point inspection tool can improve day-to-day operations at your shop, click here: Mobile Manager Pro.


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