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Pioneer Automotive Shares Benefits of Mobile Technology



After using our Mobile Manager Pro automotive software solution for a year, Jon Miller of Pioneer Automotive in Denton, Texas shot a video explaining how BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's mobile technology has helped his shop.


, Miller said the digital multi-point inspection tool has increased his shop's sales by 30 percent, upped his car count by 25 percent a month and eliminated the need to re-enter information from handwritten inspection sheets back into his shop management system.


"It's definitely changed the way we do things in the shop," Miller said. "Everything works flawlessly. I couldn't imagine going back to the way things used to be, back to what seems to be the stone ages with papers and pens."


Mobile Manager Pro, Bolt On's signature solution, in addition to going paperless with multi-point inspections and more, also enables repair shop techs to take and text vehicle photos to customers. The software - which fully integrates with leading shop management systems - comes fully equipped with the ability to create customized multi-point inspection forms and enter color-coded auto pre-canned technician notes right from the tablet.


To learn more about Mobile Manager Pro, click here. To learn more about BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and its other automotive software solutions, click here.



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