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4 Tips on Selling Repair Services to a Skeptic




All shops encounter customers who are hesitant to make vehicle repairs or keep up with scheduled maintenance beyond the lube, oil and filter service.

For skeptics, phrases like “do I really need that,” or “why can’t this wait” tend to follow the service advisor’s suggestions.

Ultimately, selling auto repair service – particularly to skeptics – is an art form. And just like any other profession, the seller, i.e. your service advisor, must have the best shop management system tools to succeed.

To effectively respond to a customer's objections, your service advisor needs 4 things:

1. Photo recommendations

2. Clear recommendations

3. Exceptional customer service

4. Empowering customers to choose vehicle services

To read more about how to sell services to a skeptic, read our blog: http://boltontechnology.com/how-to-sell-auto-repairs-to-a-skeptic/


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