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Mobile Manager Pro Vehicle Inspection Photos Double




Photos aren’t just important for capturing memories. At auto repair shops, vehicle conditions photos show – in addition to tell – customers what repairs or maintenance is needed.

The number of shops taking photos and sharing them with customers is growing exponentially. Photos taken with BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's Mobile Manager Pro digital multi-point inspection tool have surpassed 400,000 – that’s double the number of pictures in our database in December 2014. We reached our first six-figure milestone in August 2014 when technicians took a total of 100,000 pictures while inspecting customers’ vehicles.

On average, shops take 3 photos per multi-point inspection. That number is a bit low. As a best practice, we suggest including 3 to 5 recommendations and 7 to 10 photos per inspection.

Recommendations + photos = higher repair orders

For auto repair shops, photos create a greater level of transparency, which helps to improve customer confidence. In addition, since vehicle condition photos are texted or emailed instantly, customers can see vehicle-related issues from their home, office or wherever they may be. It’s like visiting the shop remotely.

Seeing what needs to be done is powerful for selling services. Customers are able to view the photos and inspection when convenient for them and are empowered to take action. Click here to read more on the importance of photo-taking in auto repair.


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