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  1. AutoZone doesn't!!! LOL (That's the tiresome refrain around here) I've said it before, AZ has done more damage to the automotive repair industry than anything else in the last 30 years. Hatred for this company pales when describing my feelings for them.....
  2. Hello @JustTheBest, Thanks for your response as well. You and I have spoken in the past and I do appreciate your insight and experience. Let me pick your brain just a little more, and maybe throw my details out there for public input! Hopefully someone can see this from the outside and offer me an insight that I'm missing. "Can't see the forest for the trees" scenario. I built this shop in 1998 (was operating out of another facility "in town" since 1989 before this). This was literally a brand new, "state of the art" shop (now built on the outskirts of town), on a main thoroughfare (17,000 ca
  3. Anyone have any first hand experience with this company? Rocket Level Marketing. Pushing hard on IG, looks legit but most do. Thanks in advance.
  4. Wow, so well said on every level ThetrustedMechanic. Thanks for such a well written reply! It doesn't help pay the bills but knowing I'm not completely crazy or alone in my circumstance does ease that "turnip stew" a little. And I have spoken with JTB - and have his book. Nice guy, well intentioned, and many of his methods may work in many places...I just can't explain it, nor does anyone believe it unless they've walked a mile in my shoes....I operate in that corner of the twilight zone where things just do not react like the rest of the world. I'd pay dearly if someone could come in and chan
  5. Hi all! Lots of interesting scenarios unfolding here, and most all are very valid. BUT, all work great in a perfect world. As someone above stated, "until techs all get on board like plumbers, electricians etc"...THAT is the key! In a community where ALL the shops abide by this policy - charging fairly for their diag time - it works great. But unfortunately, especially in low income areas, it just doesn't work that way. AUTOZONE becomes the diagnostic place and any guy on the street will attempt to replace any part they say is needed. When all that fails (and we all know it will) THEN they end
  6. I'm surprised this topic went dead. 8 years later and I still struggle every single day with "but you take the diagnostic charge off of the repair if I fix it, right?" or the one that burns me up is "________ (insert competitor down the road) only charges $50 to diagnose it but not if he fixes it". Where do we go with that? Again the AutoZone mindset of everything is free and easy. How do we combat this mindset that has been created by these huge corporations catering to the DIY's? And we feel that we must jump on board because we can't advertise like them to change the mindset. Now - 8 years
  7. That, in my opinion is "very well"! I can't imagine how you pay a tech 80K/year with a labor rate as you stated of $74ish. How is there any left for you or expenses? Next question; Are you hiring? lol.
  8. I know I'm late to the conversation, but I'm surprised that it's still going on. This seems to be an issue that never ends. Price vs. Quality. While in theory it sounds good, there are parts of the country where the theory of "provide a superior service and the good customers will find you" just isn't true. I am in that part of the country. WHY am I...? Well that's a different story for a different thread, but bottom line is poor decisions, trusting the wrong people (read: family) and owning property (vs renting or leasing) - when poorly located - is not always better. I would have closed the


  10. I am in the same situation just in a different part of the country. But that is the best way to describe the situation...."no on here truly understands the cost of staying in business". When your biggest competition is the local junk yard "fixing" cars or the "shop" that will only install parts if the customer brings them with him, or the out of work neighbor who is a "mechanic", it's a tough nut to crack. My stupidity for picking this location but the challenge has proven to be overwhelming and so hard. Needless to say, I am currently looking for other locations to move and intent on selling
  11. It seems I'm finding myself sourcing parts more and more from the dealer for a variety of reasons. I always find it difficult to work these into my standard automated price matrix markup. Margins are typically list less 20% for us for from most dealers - some 25%, but when I plug that into my matrix it usually bumps the sell price well above the dealers "list" price. How do you guys calculate parts from the dealer? Can you comfortable charge above dealer list or how do you make dealer sourced parts as profitable as a normally sourced parts repair? I don't want to hear "you're charging more th
  12. Always curious how others do things. Do most of you have a set price or menu price for a "standard" evac and recharge for a car that comes in and the system is just not cooling sufficiently but the compressor is on? This has always been my starting point as it allows me to confirm the proper amount of freon is installed, fans working, condenser's clean, etc. I also add dye at this point, especially if it was low, giving me the ability to locate leak if necessary at a later date. I can then assess pressures and advise of condition overall and if additional service or repairs are needed. I char
  13. I have in the past. Radiators and condensers seemed ok, never had issues but they were somewhat "generic" in their fit, Fuel pumps...that's a different story, multiple failures, tows, and frustrated customers put a stop to that quickly. No more fuel pumps.
  14. @thetrustedmechanic Thanks for that. Interestingly, I too am the owner, tech and service writer (although my wife does work the front about 30 hrs a week) so I do, as you said, know who I do and do not want to work for in most cases. We also have a grading system for customers that we note discreetly with their information to help "remind" us how good or bad of a customer they are, even when they call in. An "A" customer gets priority over whatever and an "F" customer gets moved to the end of the line - even if there is no line! This does help me make the most of my time and focus on profitab

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