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  2. I am in the same situation just in a different part of the country. But that is the best way to describe the situation...."no on here truly understands the cost of staying in business". When your biggest competition is the local junk yard "fixing" cars or the "shop" that will only install parts if the customer brings them with him, or the out of work neighbor who is a "mechanic", it's a tough nut to crack. My stupidity for picking this location but the challenge has proven to be overwhelming and so hard. Needless to say, I am currently looking for other locations to move and intent on selling this building. Glad to see I'm not alone in the customer base I have gifted myself with.
  3. It seems I'm finding myself sourcing parts more and more from the dealer for a variety of reasons. I always find it difficult to work these into my standard automated price matrix markup. Margins are typically list less 20% for us for from most dealers - some 25%, but when I plug that into my matrix it usually bumps the sell price well above the dealers "list" price. How do you guys calculate parts from the dealer? Can you comfortable charge above dealer list or how do you make dealer sourced parts as profitable as a normally sourced parts repair? I don't want to hear "you're charging more than the dealer" for that part. Thanks
  4. Always curious how others do things. Do most of you have a set price or menu price for a "standard" evac and recharge for a car that comes in and the system is just not cooling sufficiently but the compressor is on? This has always been my starting point as it allows me to confirm the proper amount of freon is installed, fans working, condenser's clean, etc. I also add dye at this point, especially if it was low, giving me the ability to locate leak if necessary at a later date. I can then assess pressures and advise of condition overall and if additional service or repairs are needed. I charge $139.95 for this service (up to 2 lbs. - extra for high capacity front and rear systems). Wondering how some of you approach it. Oh, I know NAPA has 30lb's on sale for $99.99 but I just purchased 3 tanks from a local independent wholesaler at last years price of $79.00 but was told that prices are going up when they get their next order. Glad I saw this post as I wasn't aware that 134 price was on a significant rise. Thanks guys.
  5. I have in the past. Radiators and condensers seemed ok, never had issues but they were somewhat "generic" in their fit, Fuel pumps...that's a different story, multiple failures, tows, and frustrated customers put a stop to that quickly. No more fuel pumps.
  6. @thetrustedmechanic Thanks for that. Interestingly, I too am the owner, tech and service writer (although my wife does work the front about 30 hrs a week) so I do, as you said, know who I do and do not want to work for in most cases. We also have a grading system for customers that we note discreetly with their information to help "remind" us how good or bad of a customer they are, even when they call in. An "A" customer gets priority over whatever and an "F" customer gets moved to the end of the line - even if there is no line! This does help me make the most of my time and focus on profitable work that I know I'll get as opposed to telling some guy what's wrong so that his neighbor can fix if "for a lot less". My "B" or "C" customer is likely the one that I would send an offer like that to. I have tried the lost customer letter in the past, but like some on here have mentioned, I too probably fall short on the hard sell when they do come in. As far as location, I have great visibility on a busy highway, beautiful, clean shop and lot, but it is on the outskirts of a very "sketchy" part of a very poor community. My challenge since day one has been, my local customer is for the most part that "D" or "F" customer that I referred to...and the "A" customers that I NEED pass by me commuting every day and can't overcome the stigma of my area, turn off of the highway and patronize ME when there are shops closer to their home where they aren't afraid to try. It's been a real challenge. Some good ideas here as always though that keep me thinking....Thanks all.
  7. @Thetrustedmechanic That is a great assessment of how things SHOULD go. I have also tried the lost customer letter but soon realized that losing many of those customers was actually a positive. There were a few that did simply forget, but most of those whom I hadn't seen for quite some time were those "bottom feeders" who DO shop simply on price alone - even if it they DON'T trust the person, or those who want you to install their parts, etc. Those who weren't ashamed to accept my "bribe" proved that a leopard doesn't change it's spots and wouldn't allow me to so much as replace wiper blades or add an air filter! I wish I could claim the profitable results that you indicated. Location has so much to do with results, I would go so far to say EVERYTHING, and some of us will forever kick ourselves for not looking much deeper into that fact when an "opportunity" presented itself....I'm certain that a GREAT shop/technician in a bad location will work 10x harder to just survive, than a crappy shop and a hack mechanic will to thrive in a great location!
  8. Thanks for the reply Justthebest ! And the elaboration. I understand your point/logic and as I said to Jeff, I meant no offense to you or your system, I just didn't put two and two together.
  9. Thanks Jeff, THAT is a helpful tip! And can easily be implemented by any shop! And my comment was actually tongue in cheek, I'm not familiar with JustTheBest, and assumed he was just one of us on here looking for help and offering help where we can. I really didn't realize that he actually WAS in that business. That might be why he sounded like a pitch for a business seminar! I meant no offense, I just mistakenly assumed that we were all in the same trench here.
  10. I have had mixed results with fleet work. Some local fleets (police departments, government agencies, utilities etc) have proven to be more work than they're worth...difficult, slow pay, nickle and dime you, etc and have subsequently been "Let go". But I have had very good success with a fleet that is managed by a national fleet management company. This is a huge fleet and we are one of many vendors that they use but they are very well organized, fleet management co is easy to work with, typically don't argue cost if your within reason, and pay directly within 3 days. I think the key is the management company - all business - takes the personal impact out of it. They understand the business AND the cost of doing business and not just the price. Just my .02
  11. @justthebest Your thoughts are so generic that they don't really help. Word of mouth.....what are these "strategies" that you suggest? I like strategies...! What strategy can I try? Targeted mail....A "campaign" where 76 mailers generated $16k...? Yes! What is it? "Look at your customer list, the money is in the list"....lol.... could that be any more UN-specific? I look at my list regularly but....must be missing something... I, like most read this post hoping to garner some insight to improve car count if not blessed with expensive real estate, might mistake your post as a promo for a promotional seminar salesman. Is that the case or can you shine a little more specific light on what you've found that might help your fellow shop owners?
  12. Tires are so competitive around here - especially with Sams and WalMart selling them that I can imagine being able to make a sale with that kind of markup. It seems they could go anywhere in town and beat that price by a long shot, and if the only reason they are willing to pay an exorbitant price for them is to drag out payments for 6 months.....it seems likely that you probably wont get paid. Seems like a shaky system to me. As someone said, Syncrony bank has a system, and our NAPA offers an in house credit card with 3/6/12 month options (to its Car Care Centers) depending on how much they spend. Much better option. You get paid. They collect just like a credit card. But they have to qualify...which may be a problem if they're financing tires for 6 months. Just my .02
  13. I do have a relationship like that with a local tranny guy as well. And as far as making it right....I'm just not sure that it was ever wrong! I guess that's the concern. Had he said that he thought I should eat the cost of the leaking seal (even after 16 months) I probably would have agreed, but to say that the entire repair was junk from day one and that I essentially cheated him, but it was never brought to my attention so that I could make it right in a timely fashion is where I struggle. He didn't have a problem until Ford told him he had a problem, but now he says he heard noise from the day he picked it up. I just can't buy that as legit. I don't believe they're telling him the truth. They wanted the work and are making the most of the fact that someone fixed it differently than they would have and will slander without conscience.
  14. I don't know. In an effort to try and NOT exacerbate the problem, I listen more than I spoke. Discussing anything logically or rationally at that time was not an option. I don't truly know what they actually did or what it cost.

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