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  1. shumsauto


  2. @JimShelly agree, it's definitely worth the money but you have to be able to resist their sales tactics...
  3. any information that you get that would improve your shop is worth paying for, check out shop hackers facebook page, there is a ton of good info and shop owners willing to help for free. If you want to take your shop to the next level, check out shopfix academy. By far the best coaching company ever!!! They don't get you into a contract like everyone else, they earn their worth every month. But start with shop hackers, you will not regret it.
  4. If you want a great 20 group with accountability for shop owners check out Shopfix academy. We meet 4 times a year for 3 days and it's absolutely the best time you can spend among other successful shop owners.
  5. Try cobra systems. It's an awesome and super reliable printer, you can print manually or set up to print automatically from bolt on pro pack and that also sets the next appointment.
  6. I'm guessing you are with repair shop coach because my board looks pretty identical : )
  7. I paid 9400 for a full color 4 ft by 8 ft board. Do your research before buying... http://www.philadelphiaautorepaircenter.com/
  8. We actually had the best October and November ever (well in 5 years since opening) : ) ARO in those 2 month went up by $100 from average, the profit margin 2% up from goal and both months sales goals were reached with ease. It feels good to look at the numbers when they are good but you have to monitor them every day or at least every week to make sure you know the big picture and can adjust your strategies before it's too late...
  9. A am looking to replace my 5 garage doors before fall. If somebody knows a good dependable company, please let me know.
  10. They will not just stop supporting it with thousands of units out there. They just have a new tool coming out that will support all the euro makes but programming will now be done through OE website. Blue box is still the tool to have for at least another 5 years if you work on bmw.
  11. I got mine 4x8 ft full collie programable led for 9200. Installed it ourselves. Sign company wanted $27k for the same board without installing and 1 year parts warranty. I got mine on eBay. Company is experian advertising. 5 year warranty. It has brought in significant amount of business. Felt the surge from week 1. Now the city is trying to get us to take it down but we will fight to the end. AND WIN!!! By the way, they are ALL Chinese boards, no matter who sells it to you or for how much. Check out the pictures. Www. Shumsauto.com
  12. If you work on Bmw please save yourself a TON of headaches and buy autoLogic (the blue box) capabilities are better than dealer, it's faster than dealer scan tool and all the coding and programming are a breeze to do. Support is better than ANYBODY!!! We love ours.
  13. We are part of bumper to bumper and its a lot better program. 24/24 parts and labor warranty and all kinds of other rewards and discounts. People at advanced auto parts store next to us are so clueless that it's a huge frustration calling them if you run out of options looking for a part. One time I asked for tpms sensor and the manager said they don't sell that there and another time I was looking for a 14 inch wiper blade and after 10 min on hold I was told they don't have any. I drove up to the store and took one off of the rack myself. They are 2 blocks away from me and would be very

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