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  1. Dan Reichow

    Dan Reichow

  2. We use Service pro for full synthetic Standard vehicles in our prepay package and wix protect filters --// for our euro and other high end we use Castrol / Diesel we use Purus . We up charge for euro and diesel We use Napa gold for these.
  3. First you need to understand where you want to compete and why. My belief window I want to do things that will bring in clients and lock them in. I stated in recent post we presell different packages. Our oil synthetic / Dexos compatible in bulk is under $2.00 per Quart. Oil filters if Wix protect average $1.80 Napa Gold we charge extra over and above package price. My goal has been keeping clients from shopping around for oil changes / if I can hit my goal of 600 packages sold this year x 5 visits that is 3,000 cars . This will drastically change my cost of marketing, which savings
  4. We do not restrict to one vehicle and or family member so we have opportunity for more vehicles we have not seen , [ as any offer it needs to be effective question is what does it cost in advertising print radio etc. to get 425 clients in . when you factor this their is no loss of oil change revenue. we hit Average RO last month of $568.00 we do not separate tires and or oil changes.
  5. We presell our oil change services / we only use Synthetic oil / last three months 85 presold packages - [ $8,500 to Bottom line ] We sell them cheap but with that said how much does it cost you to advertise to get 425 visits from your customer.
  6. We hired a Parts / job Estimator approx 3 years ago - Nice thing it keeps estimates consistent , they can stay on top of who has what , pricing changes , new products available ,Stock needs , They learn how to to communicate with tech's for specific facts needed to find parts , They learn warranty's so we get the best warranty for dollars spent , They know time lines for parts , and can have all electronic look ups , Google , Etc. , Communicate with Tech's what part really works and or not - Aftermarket or OE , or TSB. The Tech's turn their sheets into S/A's they then prioritize what n
  7. Transmissions we have a local rebuilder that we worked with many years with little issues / Trying to buy rebuilds and add labor does not work in most cases - When you can mark up - and have your bay for quick work. You have to sell yourself and your warranty , Your values most of us will be higher then a rebuilding shop. Add an extra year onto the warranty then local providers do ,they offer 12/12 give 24/24 / Our provider has 3/36 we offer 4/48,000 Etc. Stipulate has to come in for yearly check up and service at 36,000 miles . Sublet Electrical / Diagnostic work and other s
  8. We are in Oregon Ohio / Which located approx. 15 minutes from Perrysburg ---- Visit our web site [email protected] We offer courtesy cars with full coverage insurance. Thanks Cathy.
  9. Like Matthew Lee Stated - Costco / and Others lock you into a Club pre purchase to have the ability to shop and or use their services , We went to all Synthetic oils - no conventional or Semisynthetic oils . With This said we offer Two ways for oil changes - We give Client a buy four get fifth Free - Or Prepaid Card -- 5 For ?. You do your math where it needs to be. Guess what You will see them Five Times and have extra Revenue ahead of time.
  10. We have our own / no reliable companies in the area that can give good service. / Plus we do Free Towing
  11. I am on the same page we are looking to do full synthetic Dexos / We are coming to a crossroads that most cars today are taking full synthetic oils and or specialized European oils , how many do you try to stock , change your bulk tanks to and or drum goods to full syn dexos and fits everything. Inventory cost monies to . to satisfy only a few cheaper clients. I priced it is an average of $3,00 per oil change to provide Dexos . The trouble also is most beginning filters people are quoting on the subject , does not meet the OEM recommendation of a 7,500 mile Synthetic oil change.
  12. Looking to see if any one uses a program for bad credit clients for automotive repairs if so and who. We have used a program thru a company but they have been to difficult to use any longer - No credit check had a $35.00 fee-- client had to pre date three checks up to 90 day's out. They charged 7 percent of bill. Was based off if they had a job and income verification. we passed cost to client.

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