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  2. Anyone been involved with "Repair Shop Coach"? I just started with them this fall after many years with Elite. Elite was very good for our business as were the management courses and consultations before them. (this is our 27th year in business) It is always scary and different when you go down a different path, you sort of wonder what's about to happen, if you made a smart choice. Any stories you folks have about adventures in business coaching and consulting? Why did we change you ask? Just because... things became stagnant, we plateaued I suppose. Every time you shake things up it seems that there is a renewed energy, things that you have forgotten or never knew before come to the forefront and you get results once again. It's much like the day to day events at the shop. Unless someone new takes a look from the outside - in, you may never see how you can improve and grow. You never see what is broken because you are so used to looking for the same things all the time...
  3. We are a small shop just around the corner from a 7-11 (convenience store) that sells gas and used to have a FREE air pump. Now, in the past year they have changed to a $1 charge for air, just pop in a dollar and the compressor runs long enough to top off all your tires. What has happened is that we now see all of the people who are to "thrifty" to spend a buck to top up their tires... Much as you describe they have a "I need air - serve me" attitude without so much as a thank you. I am seriously considering one of those self serve dollar a pop air compressors to put on the outside of the building and then inviting those people to "help them selves - it's right out there for you to use" I find that people are becoming more and more demanding of service at no charge - like it is our responsibility to take care of their every whim. Get real people! In the "old days" people had respect and common courteousy for those who would go out of their way to help them out. I know, it sounds like a minor thing but when it pulls techs off of jobs and delays getting the work done for "paying clients" it really does get under your skin after a while. Thanks for seeing this... Curtis

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